Meet the HCuO Team: Jocelyn Courneya

Name: Jocelyn Courneya

Program and Year: Communication with minor in Global Studies, 4th year 

Hometown: Toronto

Jobs: PR & Digital Marketing Assistant at Camp Tech and PR Coordinator at pHacktory Labs

Position: Writer 

Her Campus uOttawa: What led you to choose your program of study?
Jocelyn Courneya:
 I loved creative writing and had been involved in a lot of event planning in high school. I talked to guidance counsellors about a program that would fit my interests and they all seemed to lead me towards communications or marketing.

HCuO: How did you become involved in Her Campus uOttawa (HCuO) and how has it had an impact on your university experience?
JC: In second year, I was looking to do more writing, and was looking at what online outlets I could volunteer for. My friend wrote for her university’s Her Campus chapter and told me to reach out to the uOttawa chapter to volunteer. So, I submitted my application, and three years later I am still a writer. Her Campus has provided me with a platform to write about topics and issues that concern myself and other uOttawa collegiettes, and has helped to provide me with a creative outlet.

HCuO: Do you have a favourite article that you’ve written for HCuO?
JC: I’m usually either writing about politics, current events or dating in university. I think my favourite article would be,  The Art of Digital Dating - being single and ready to mingle in the digitized dating world.I liked this article because it gave me a chance to ask some of my friends and colleagues about their dating experiences, and dive a bit more into what it’s like being a ‘digital dater’ in university.

HCuO:What are some other writing projects that you’re proud of outside of HCuO?
Another project I’m proud of was a co-writing piece I wrote about the 2015  Dalhousie Dentistry Student Facebook Page with past HC writer Ronnie Agustyniak. I’m also proud of my first article for HC about male birth control, it was great to further explore alternative birth control options and educate others on future possibilities of contraceptives for men to use besides condoms.

HCuO:How else are you involved on campus at uOttawa or in the city of Ottawa?
JC:I like to stay involved on projects both on and off campus. Last year, I was the president for the uOttawa PR Association (uOPRA), which is an amazing group that hosts multiple professional events and provides student training in PR and communications skills. This year, I help to run a social venture called The Give Us A Hand Project with engineering student Kristina Djuvik. I am also a member of the team for professor Andrew Pelling’s new business - pHacktory labs. I’ve also recently joined the student team for CPRS (Candian Public Relations Society), and work as a PR and Digital Marketing representative for Camp Tech, which is an awesome company that offers hands on workshops for professionals and recent grads in tech, design and much more!

HCuO: What is one piece of advice that you wish you’d had in your first year of university?
JC: I wish in first year that I had tried to join more clubs and associations. I was involved in a couple of clubs, but I wish I had been less shy/cautious and been more involved on campus!

HCuO: What long term goals do you have for life after university?
JC: The idea of graduating this spring is so scary! Right now, I honestly don’t think I have any ‘long term’ plans, I don’t even really have any solidified ‘short term’ plans. My goal in life is always to be happy wherever I am and in whatever I’m doing. I’d like to do some more work in PR after graduation, travel, and possibly pursue a master’s degree. Who knows what will happen, and as long as I’m happy and having fun, who cares?

HCuO:What will you miss most about uOttawa after you’ve graduated? JC:  After graduation, I think I am going to miss how beautiful campus looks in early fall, and late night study sessions with my friends in morisette. There is something very beautiful about tabaret lawn on a warm fall day while the trees are changing colour. As well, as much as I hated late night cram sessions and spending all night in the library, there was always something fun about being there with my friends, sharing snacks, stress and caffeine. 

Pictures were provided by Jocelyn Courneya.