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Meet the HCuO Team: Gabrielle Tayag 

Name: Gabrielle Tayag 
Program and Year: Biomedical Science - 4th Year    
Hometown: Markham, Ontario
Position: Director of Creative Art

Her Campus uOttawa: Why did you choose your program? Why did you apply to uOttawa?
Gabrielle Tayag:
I chose biomed the way most people do, with the intent to go to med school. However, also like most people, I’ve changed my career goal throughout my degree. I applied to uOttawa because I used to live in Ottawa and I always knew I wanted to come back. Also, I’m a diehard Ottawa Senators fan so this is where I feel most at home.

HCuO: How did you hear about Her Campus and why did you apply?
: I was one of those kids in high school that wanted to know as much about their dream university as possible, so through that extensive browsing of the internet for everything university related, I found Her Campus. I applied because I had been reading Her Campus for quite a while and wanted to contribute in some way. Writing isn’t my forte so when I saw that there was a Creative Art team, I knew that was the best way for me to contribute to HCuO and also hone my graphic design skills.

HCuO: What is your favorite memory since being involved with HCuO?

GT: Our staff social at The Loft last year was a lot of fun! I love board games and I’m extremely competitive so this event was a perfect way for me to get to know the rest of the members of HCuO while simultaneously beating them at Bananagrams. 

HCuO: Do you have any undergrad regrets? If so, what would you do differently ?
I don’t think I would have done anything differently. All the choices that I made, good, neutral and bad, have brought me to where I am today. This degree indirectly helped me to figure out what it is that I’m truly passionate about, by allowing me to explore different volunteer opportunities here in Ottawa, and meet lots of incredible people. At the end of the day, when I complete this degree what I’ll gain won’t be just an expensive piece of paper, but 4 years worth of experiences and relationships that have shaped who I am for the rest of my life. 

HCuO: What would be your dream job?
I’ve been volunteering at Roger Neilson House, a Pediatric Palliative Care Hospice for the past few months and I’ve determined that working with sick kids is my true passion. So my dream job is one where I get to work in that environment on a daily basis. 

HCuO: If you could be someone for a day, who would it be and why?
 Meghan Markle. She’s beautiful, her work husband is Patrick J. Adams, and her real life boyfriend is Prince Harry….no further explanation should be required. 

HCuO: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
 In 10 years, I hope to have a fulfilling career, be married and starting a family. Besides that, I’m kind of open to wherever and whatever life brings me.


Sources: The cover picture was taken by Katrina Joy. The others pictures were provided by Gabrielle Tayag. 

Gloria Charles-Pierre is Her Campus uOttawa Alumni. She was one of our writers for four years and the French editor for two years. Gloria graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Arts specialized in French Lierature and two certificates in LSQ (Langue des Signes Québécoise). Now, she is in Teachers College and loving it. Gloria spends her time doing kick-boxing and working on her personnal writing project while growing in her faith. She hopes to travel more, and to continue her studies with a Masters in Education and also continue working in editing.
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