Making the Most of Your Summer

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Summer, don't you pass me by!

It goes without saying, these past few months haven’t been the easiest. We’ve been consumed with school, projects, homework, work, and everything else on our overloaded schedules. Plus, we’ve had a rough winter. It’s been extremely cold, snowy, slushy, windy, dark and that for much too long. I think we’re all very ready for summer. We all need a break, and we’re all deserving of a break. We’ve accomplished great things throughout the year, but I think we all agree that its time for some down time. Four long months of much needed sun, green grass, swimming pools, long days, mojitos and heat; what more could we ask for?

However, as we all know, these four long much needed months usually pass by us almost unnoticed. Before we know it, its a little friskier out, the leaves are changing colors, we have textbooks in our hands, we’re back on campus, and yes, its September again and a new school year has begun. Already. It’s September again already. Four months, thats 120 days! How can 120 days go by so fast? Its a mystery, but unfortunately, it’s a reality.

A common mistake we make when it comes to summer is thinking we have all this time ahead of us. Yet, before we know it, its September, and we don’t feel ready to go back. Time flew by so fast, its almost as if we didn’t get any time off. In fact, most of us haven’t even fully recovered from the exam blitz from last April. This being said, we often fail to truly use those 120 days to our advantage. There is so much opportunity for fun and growth during summer, but we have to put in the effort to make it happen. This summer, lets all make it our mission to cleanse ourselves of all accumulated stress, tension, anxiety and apprehension, and use the months of summer to completely refresh and be ready to tackle the year to come.

The Summer Cleanse

Cleansing the mind. I think we all agree that by the end of April, our minds will be pretty worn out. A year of school definitely works our intellect like none other, but just like anything else, it can’t keep functioning at as high a pace forever.  It needs to take a break and recharge. This is what summer is for. Don’t be afraid to take as many brainless days as you want and need. Of course, many summer jobs and internships do require deep thinking, but at the end of your workweek, instead of doing homework and studying, take time to relax. Allow your mind to take a break, and come September, it’ll be stronger than ever.


Cleansing the body. What better way to cleanse than by eating well and exercising? It’s normal for us to find it hard to maintain a good diet and exercise during the school year, especially during exams. Our main excuse is that we don’t have time to exercise and go grocery shopping and cook up healthy meals. Instead, we like to opt for anything quick enough to consume the least of our time. However, come summer, this excuse doesn’t hold anymore. Make it your goal to whip yourself back into shape, and to adopt healthy eating habits. You have 120 days to get it done, and it’s enough time to make a huge difference! However, don’t waste too much time! If you procrastinate till June or July, it will be much harder to accomplish what you could’ve if you had started from the beginning. Find the will, find the motivation, and come September, you will look back on your summer and feel like you will feel accomplished. Feeling good in your body is extremely rewarding, and you deserve this reward. So get moving this summer, buy fresh produce from the farmers market, take time to cook clean and nutritious meals, and you will feel like a million bucks in time for the new school year.

Cleansing the soul. Being a student isn’t always easy. It’s common for students to experience low morale during the school year. That’s why you should use summer to rid yourself of all negativity affecting your mood, and really try to refresh. Have fun this summer! Do things that make you feel good. Get your spirits up where they should be. Enjoy the nice weather, the long days, the heat and the sun. It’s time to get back on track and to start feeling great again! Forget about your worries and forget about school. Take some quality “me time” and go out and do things for you! Life is too short to be moody. Really take time to appreciate and live each moment of summer, and come September, you will feel ready to go back and tackle the new school year in all your greatness.

All in all, don’t let summer pass you by. Use it to your advantage and take the time to rejuvenate. Get back on track, be on top of your game, and let summer take you to the state of mind, body and soul you’ve been so longing to go.


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