The Makeup Horoscope: What your look says about you!

Ever wondered what your makeup says about you?

There’s no doubt that school is the one place where it seems nearly impossible to maintain a decent appearance. From the frantic dart to classes to the late night studying, there is never enough time to focus on your looks.

When you do feel like wearing makeup and looking confident, it’s still all about a certain look, a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Makeup can definitely say a lot about a woman and is meant to highlight her already existing beauty. But, more-so, it gives one the power and ability to become whomever they choose. Whether you prefer to stick to neutral, natural colours or go for a more dramatic edge, your makeup horoscope is here!

The Natural Look

Also referred to as the “no makeup” makeup look, this look means that you choose foundation, powder, eye makeup, etc. that best complements your skin. It gives more radiance and natural luminosity to the skin and is easy to put on! It goes well with your everyday slouchy look or even a more refined style.

This makeup look tells others that while you may not bother with many cosmetics, you are still prepared to tackle the world. You are committed to going the distance in order to achieve your goals in a no-nonsense way. It plays off of your flirty, soft side and invites people to delve deeper within your personal sphere.

The Deep and Dark Look

Other girls may avoid the natural look like The Plague, and go for a more edgy makeup style. With dark, seductive tones of cool purple and sexy black, this makeup look has everything to do with sharp yet blended edges and smoked out eyes.

As one iconic Shelley Darlingson from The House Bunny (2008) once stated: “they eyes are the nipples of the face”.  The more you enhance them, the further they will stand out. Smokey eyes complete your face, while still looking elegant and modern.

Depending on your skin tone, you’re going to want to choose different shades of colours for this look. If you have paler skin, going for softer tones would be best. The darker your skin tone, the darker the shade should be, so it displays its pigmentation and reflects strongly on your face. This look says that the person wearing it is confident and ready to strut their stuff.


The “I’m wearing lots of eyeliner but I still make it look chic” look

When it comes to eye makeup, eyeliner is the first thing to come to mind. Along with mascara, these two tools have the magic of turning your face from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Eyeliner, while simple to put on, makes eyes pop. Now that the colour range has vastly expanded, everyone can find a shade that complements their own eye colour.

While eye shadow is beautiful and enticing, a contemporary winged liner look can still keep you looking up to date with makeup trends. It allows you to add different shades of blushes or bronzers to the face without having to worry about anything overpowering the eyes. Brush on a few coats of mascara, a bright lip (if you’re so bold) and you’re good to go!

When people see you, they instantly know that you like to keep things modern and fresh. Like everything else in your life, your makeup is polished and to the point. Your makeup reflects your sharp yet sweet personality but the edginess of your eyeliner shows that you are ready to drop everything and have fun.

In conclusion, makeup is all about you. It's about developing your own style, your own way of expressing who you are through the many tips and tricks available to you. Make it your own, and you’ll nail it!

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