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Makeup: Do you invest or save your coins?

The beauty world is such a complex place that many people have no idea where to start. Hearing things like “quality over quantity” or “just because it is more expensive does not mean it is better” can create confusion over which products are worth it. However, the truth is that both of these statements can be true, depending on where you choose to spend your money. Sometimes we spend a little extra to spoil ourselves, but unfortunately college students do not always have that luxury. Consider the following article a guide on where to invest your money and where to opt for cheaper options!

Items to Invest in

            Personally, I have made my fair share of investments in Sephora products, especially eyeshadow pallets. Eyeshadow is a staple in any makeup bag, and Sephora has tons of options — from basic shades to more dramatic colours if you care to experiment! Even if you are not an avid eyeshadow wearer, I have found that drugstore eyeshadows do not have the same pigmentation or quality as a pallet from Sephora. My personal favourite is the tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Pallet. It is the perfect mix of basic nude colours and brighter colours for the times you choose to have fun with your eyeshadow. The pigment is amazing, and it blends smoothly. 

            The second product I recommend you invest in is setting spray (if you choose to use it). Although this step is not necessary, it adds to your routine and makes your makeup last all day. The setting sprays at the drugstore are not terrible, but when it comes to holding your makeup in place for long periods of time, I would invest in a more expensive bottle. Another perk to spending more money is that the bottle is often fair-sized and will last you a long time. Some of my favourites are the Kat Von D Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist and the MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + (which comes in multiple scents!)

            The third product you should invest in is face powder. Face powder helps keep your foundation and concealer in place. I recommend spending a bit more money on a face powder because it can make or break your entire makeup look. A bad face powder can make you look cakey or leave a white cast. But a good quality face powder, on the other hand, will keep your makeup in place and blur any imperfections or pores. My number one face powder is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Translucent Pressed Setting Powder.

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Save your Money!

            There are only two products I will never spend more than a drugstore price on ever again. Mascara and eyelinerare products you never have to splurge on. This is because the formulas of drugstore mascara and eyeliner are the exact same as what you would find in products at Sephora. Unnecessarily buying higher-end products like these puts a hole in your pocket when you could be saving to splurge on something else! My personal favourites are the L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara (which is the same as the Two Faced Better than Sex Mascara, except it’s $14.49!) and the Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Eyeliner

            Another product I believe you can save your money on is bronzer. Although this is a controversial opinion, there are drugstore products that work just as well as high-end bronzers. One product I recommend is the Milani Baked Bronzer. It has such nice shades that both warm and contour the face. Another recommendation is the Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer which has a very similar effect to the Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer

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In Conclusion…

            Generally, you do not need to spend tons of money on makeup. Most of the time, the drugstore has dupes that are just as good as the more expensive products. However, some products are worth the extra money for their quality and longevity — so remember to treat yourself occasionally as well! If you want to spend a little more for a mascara that is not available at the drugstore, go for it! Sometimes spending a little more on ourselves is needed. That being said, if you are on a budget (like me), there are many options available to create great makeup looks!                                                                                                          

Happy spending! 

Breanne McNeil

U Ottawa '23

Breanne is a Criminology student in Canada hoping to further her experience as an author in Her Campus.
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