Little Tips for Motivation

Let’s face it, we’re at that point of the semester and year where our New Year’s resolutions are starting to fade and be forgotten, and our motivation for school is decreasing faster than the weather is changing. When it comes to motivation, it’s definitely important to make sure that we’re well rested and well fed, but here are a few other little tips that may help you:

1) Make your bed in the morning.
Making up your bed is small step that can go a long way in terms of feeling more put together and productive right from the start of your day.

2) Keep your desk clutter free.
A cluttered work environment can make it hard to stay on task, so try to keep your desk as tidy as possible, just like the desk in this video by Best Reviews!

3) Sleep in your gym clothes.
Ever have trouble exercising in the morning (or other times of the day)? Try sleeping in your gym clothes to save yourself some time and trouble when you wake up! You don’t have to do a crazy workout; a little yoga could be a good idea to start your day productively.

4) Get some fresh air.
Being cooped up in the library and studying all day can feel suffocating and mentally exhausting. Go for a walk or even just step outside for some fresh air to clear your mind! Sometimes the best ideas for essays or other assignments can come to you when you take a step back from everything and let yourself breathe.

5) Treat Yo-self!
Remember, taking mental and physical breaks are a necessity, so when you're relaxing, don’t beat yourself up for it! Taking a break helps us retain information and to stay more focused when we return to our work. Rewarding yourself for your hard work is just as important as the work itself.

It may already be March and we may be more than halfway through the semester, but that doesn’t mean that your motivation has to be any less than where it was at the start of the year. Tell us if any of these tips help you stay motivated and productive by commenting below!


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