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Stop and think: when was the last time you called someone? Someone that wasn’t a customer service agent, an automated machine or a receptionist? When was the last time you had a meaningful phone call where you discussed your life, their life or what’s going on, instead of a “Hey where are you?” type of question? With the advent of texting, snapchat, iMessage, WhatsApp and other apps, it seems that the way we communicate has become less voice-to-voice and more via visual words. I personally only talk on the phone with two people: my mom and my grandmother. Every week I call them (or they call me) to check in on each other, talk about what’s going on in our lives and make sure the other is okay. It’s nice to hear their voices – it’s like getting a nice warm hug, but with your ears.There are so many reasons to bring back phone calls. Back before texting, phone calls were the best way to communicate (unless you go WAY back to telegrams and the string through two cans).

Tone. One reason to start making phone calls is that it can really help you communicate. Have you ever gotten a text and thought “what does he/she mean by that?” or “is he/she mad at me?”? By talking on the phone, it takes a lot of the guessing game out of decoding messages. When talking on the phone, you can instantly understand the tone behind a set of words. You can tell when the person is angry, happy, or excited. You don’t have to spend time analyzing what the message meant or obsessing over if they’re mad at you.

Less mistakes. Have you ever texted someone something meant for someone else? That screenshot of your crush’s text that was meant for your BFF, but you sent it to your dad instead? Phone calls minimize the number of mistakes you make. When you’re talking on the phone, you’ll be less likely to make a mistake because your brain will process the words before they leave your mouth. And say, if you do mean to call someone else and call the wrong person, you’ll realize it before you let the embarrassing information be said!

It’s considerate. Let’s be honest – if someone calls you, it’s nice to think that someone wanted to talk to you so badly that they called you. They wanted to hear your voice, they picked up the phone and made the effort to call you. This will make anyone feel wanted, important and appreciated. So yes, calling your mom, dad, best friend or grandmother is a good idea because it might make their day (and show them you are thinking about them!).

The reasons for bringing back phone calls could go on and on. I’m not bashing texting by any means – it’s great for quick notes, communicating when you can’t speak aloud (like in class or in the library) and to save time. Integrating phone calls every once in a while will keep you connected with friends and help lift your spirits! 

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