Know your LIPS: Lipstick vs. Lipgloss

Nothing completes a face of makeup or an outfit better than a touch of colour on the lips. But, it isn’t always easy knowing which one to choose. There are so many options when you walk into the shops that choosing the perfect lip colour can be quite the ordeal. Here is a list of pro and cons for each lip colour you may encounter along your makeup journey!

Lipstick – Traditional

Lipstick is an old classic. When you first think of lip products, lipstick is the first thing to come to mind. So what are the Pros and Cons?


-Because lipstick is the go-to for many women, there is a wide array of colours and finishes to choose from.

-The intensity of lipstick is to die for: its formula allows for either intense or sheer colour. Nothing beats a bold red lip or a balmy, hydrating dose of colour

-Many lipstick formulas hydrate your lips while giving you a creamy finish. This makes wearing a lip colour a lot more appealing and comfortable.


-Depending on the brand you choose, lipstick tends to wear off easily (our wine glasses and coffee mugs are a testament to this). 

-All of us collegiettes have experienced the dreaded lipstick on the teeth embarrassment. 

-With lipstick, practice makes perfect and sometimes requires a little help from lip liner. However, lip liner isn't always a bad thing as it intesifies the colour AND prevents your lipstick from bleeding from the confines of your lip line. 

Lip Stain/Lacquer - Revolutionary


-It is called a stain for a reason. Lip stains last forever and you won’t have to worry about reapplying them all day/night.

-Lip stains come in all shapes and sizes. You can get marker lip stains, gel lip stains or more watery ones. Either way, they give the same effect and allow you to choose the method that works best for you.

-Feels light as a feather on your lip and makes any lip colour look natural.


-Contain alcohol and could aggravate dryness

-Narrow range of hues

-You have to moisturize and exfoliate your lips before you wear them.

Lip Gloss - Simple


-Lip gloss gives you moist and plump lips. It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t give you a drying effect.

-Lip gloss is fool-proof. It is easy to apply and you don’t have to worry about it coming off of your lips.

-As it says in the name, lip gloss leaves your lips glossy and shiny.


-Lip gloss can leave you in a sticky situation. Its texture leaves your lips a tad bit sticky and it is notorious for getting stuck in your hair (thanks, wind).

-Lip gloss is a lot less intense than the other options. It is translucent and doesn’t tend to come in the brightest colours.

Spring Lip trends for 2015 include:

"Your Lips but Better"




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