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Just a List of Things that Quarantine has Taught me about Beauty

*Applicable to both precedented and unprecedented times.

Mask and beauty products
Photo by Canva Global Collection, Iconsy, and iXimus on Pixabay from Canva / Design by Emily Clements

1. The only thing that will make my hair grow is time.

2. But it *does* help to cut it regularly (or, at least, more than once a year).

3. This does not mean, however, that I should cut it myself.

4. Unrelated: I cannot pull off bangs. 

5. I can dress up for me.

6. But I don’t need to buy more clothes. 

7. … Except for maybe a tie-dye sweatsuit?

8. The only way to become confident without makeup is to not wear makeup.

9. Wearing makeup is a lot more fun when it doesn’t feel like an obligation.

10. Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive.

11. In fact, the best way to get rid of under-eye circles is *free* (it’s sleep).

12. And meditation (also free) can enhance both inner and outer beauty.

13. It’s okay to experiment with my lewk.

14. Fashion and beauty are superpowers that can influence my mood and wellbeing.

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