Julien Boissonault '16

Program: Double Major in Theatre and Communications (2nd Year)

Hobbies: I'm widely involved in the fashion community, having worked at Ottawa Fashion Week as a designer, coordinator and enrollment executive. In terms of fashion, I say that when you wear something that makes you feel comfortable, your confidence shows through and makes you look your most beautiful. But, never be afraid to ask someone else's opinion on what you're wearing.

Relationship status: Single
What do you look for in a partner?
Someone who is nice, ambitious, caring and has the ability to make me laugh.
What's the worst date you've ever been on?
The worst date I've ever been on was one where my date was quite similar to me, so similar that he started bragging about himself and the things he did better. The guy was nice but the date was just awkward overall.
Best date?
It was simple. We went to get food at Zak's and talked so much we didn't even finish our food. After that, we went to his place and watched a movie and played video games. Our connection felt natural.
Celebrity Crush?
Ian Somerhalder
If you had one piece of dating advice to give, what would it be?
To just be yourself.