It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Mini Eggs!

These little chocolate eggs of assorted colors fill me with happiness. They fill my belly with an inexplicable feeling. Even though these little sweet treats were created to celebrate Easter in the first place, I enjoy each and every one of them, at any time of the year. Green, yellow, blue or pink, I see la vie en rose every time my taste buds meet their delectable flavor. 

If you are a Mini Eggs lover just like me, let's talk about Mini Eggs!


Me when I eat Mini Eggs


 Also me

When someone mentions they have Mini Eggs 

When people asked me where all the Mini Eggs go

I don't know.

When it's Easter and people won't throw shades at you for eating ''too many'' Mini Eggs. 

Is there a Mini Eggs limit though?

This Mini Eggs Cheesecake is probably the definition of Life. 

And I would probably eat the whole thing by myself. No regrets

Mini Eggs, I L.O.V.E YOU. 

Thank you for being so amazingly delicious.