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For many students, this winter semester is their final one at university. The era of handing in assignments due by 11:59 pm, awkward discussion forum posts, and sit-down exams is finally going to be over. However, there are some things that will be missed. Though it might be almost over, there are certain attachments and lingering feelings of “what now?”, leaving us with anxiety about the future. Let’s talk about different post-university fears and letting go—especially pertaining to graduation for many students at uOttawa.

When finishing the last semester of your degree there is fear of “what now?” There’s the pressure of pursuing a career right after graduation. In fact, some students apply for jobs before the semester is over. Though this may be the ideal path for them, it doesn’t have to be the one for you! Oftentimes, taking a break after graduation by travelling or engaging in hobbies you’re passionate about can be a way to ease yourself into post-graduation life. Having a job right after finishing university may seem like a great way to measure your success, but at the end of the day, completing a four-year degree is a huge accomplishment in itself. Take time to be proud and treat yourself to the break if needed.

Another post-graduation source of anxiety is “am I going to lose contact with my friends?” Like many beginnings and ends, you’ll never come in or out with the same people. For example, the people you started your degree with compared to now are probably different. Additionally, if the friendships made throughout these four years are meaningful, you have nothing to worry about! Good friends will cheer you on and maintain contact no matter what. This goes both ways as well—when you see friends move away for a job or a different life path, don’t worry about if you’ll lose contact with them. Rather, cheer them on and be happy that they’re advancing in life.

There’s always the fear of growing up and leaving things behind. Many of us probably felt this when leaving our hometown, friends, and family to go to university. The fear of growing up and starting a new chapter is a universal experience. However, think of the great things to come after this degree. There are places to travel, sights to see, and, most excitingly, people to meet! After this semester, it will be time for a lot of students to let go of their last school experience. All of that hard work and dedication was for something that many should be proud of and is worth celebrating. So when you write that last exam or hand in that last assignment, take a deep breath and be proud that you’ve made it this far.

Mariam Shahid

U Ottawa '23

A 4th-year Management student currently pursuing a degree in Commerce. I like to read, write and tamper with anything music!