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How To Wear Menswear Better Than Men!

Undoubtedly, menswear heavily influences womenswear and vice versa. So many of the trends that have arisen lately that we can attribute to the fashion gawds for bestowing upon us are all thanks to menswear. The different takes you can find on different pieces are endless, but heres a little how-to on things you can tote better than your masculine counterparts.


From overcoats to blazers to duster coats, you can definitely mix up your feminine yin with some masculine yang by throwing on an oversized piece of outerwear. Dress em up with a sultry dress for an evening out, or dress em down with jeans and crop top. You could try Zara, ASOS, or Topshop; they all carry pieces you can throw on top of literally anything youre wearing and I assure you itll look radder than ever.


Flannels, cotton button-ups, chambray; you name it! Doing up all of the buttons to the very collar is adds a subtle, yet masculine touch to any outfit. Accessorizing is key with this as it can enhance the aesthetic youre going for. Its a perfect look to wear to work or school and you can pair it with more feminine pieces like midi rings and necklaces or continue to push the androgynous envelope with a wide brim felt hat or a loose beanie. Check out eBay, Etsy, or Aritzia for good quality button-ups!


Cuffed jeans and distressed knees are on opposite ends of current denim trends with one transforming your look into a slightly more clean and put together ensemble and the other giving you a more rugged and off-kilter edge. Embrace your inner Kurt Cobain with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and anything from a crop top to a muscle shirt to match. Pin-roll a cute pair of low-rise ankle pants and throw on some heels or even a pair of Vans. Either way, youll look flawless. You can find cute jeans to cuff or distress at your local thrift store for a vintage pair if youre in a DIY kind of mood or even at Urban Outfitters.


With shoes, “Chelsea” boots and brogues seem to be making quite the appearance this season. Blundstones and Doc Martens are sturdy as hell and look cute with just about everything in your closet. If youre not one for the bulkier look, you can definitely find a pair of smaller, sleeker leather or suede ones online or locally. As for brogues, the sky is the limit in terms of style. Grab a pair of oxfords or monk straps or bluchers and add them to your dressier looks for a slightly more comfortable alternative to heels. You can find some great pairs of soles at the Blundstones or Doc Martens websites or if you prefer, any local all-around shoe store.


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