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How to Watch the Olympics When You Don’t Have Cable

With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics just around the corner, many of us have been left with a pressing question, how exactly are we going to watch them? As students, many of us make important decisions when it comes to what we spend our money on. Budgets are always tight and we often choose to forego certain things in order to have some more cash in our pockets. More often than not, this includes cable and satellite packages. However, this year there are numerous ways that you can continue to save money while still getting to enjoy the games.

1.     Online Streaming

As the official carrier of the Olympics for Canada, CBC will be providing a large variety of online steams to allow individuals to watch the games. Ideal for those who watch most of their television online anyways, streaming will provide the perfect way to keep up with the events. Not enough data at home? Bring your laptop to campus and bunker down! You never know, some cutie may just end up wanting to watch a race or two with you.

2.     Convince your Friend who has Cable to Host a Viewing Party (or Two!)

Big events such as the Olympics are meant to be shared with other people! If you have a friend who happens to have a cable or satellite hook-up convince them to host the most athletic of all viewing parties! Offer to bring some snacks, or since many of the events will be held early in the morning, some pancake mix and mimosas, and invite all your girls to watch them together. Don’t have any friends with cable or satellite? Simply stream the events through an HDMI cable to your television and let the party begin!

3.     Go to a Restaurant or Bar and Take Advantage of their Televisions

Though many of the events will be in the morning, you can bet that they will be repeated throughout the day. Once classes are done for the day, grab a couple of friends, or maybe that cutie from before, and head to your favourite establishment to watch the games.

4.     Get Updates through Social Media

Stuck in class while your favourite sport is on? Never fear, social media is here. Keep updated with the on-goings of your events by following everyone from news outlets to the athletes themselves. Not only does this ensure that you won’t miss a thing, but it is also a great way to feel more connected to those who are representing the red and the white!

So as you prepare yourself for the upcoming events, I personally have been practicing my best Go Canada Go! … just remember that there are numerous ways to watch the Olympics when you happen to be cable-free.

Best of luck to all the athletes competing this year and best wishes to all those watching!

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Sarah Kirby is a fourth year Joint Honours BA History and Political Science student at the University of Ottawa. Born and raised in Southwestern Ontario, Sarah now is proud to call Ottawa home. Sarah is also proud to be the Editor of News for the 2014-2015 Her Campus UOttawa Team.
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