How to Marie Kondo Your Life

It’s spring cleaning season! The new Netflix series with Marie Kondo has really inspired me to spring clean everything and hit the refresh button on my life to mark the end of winter. This article is on the ways I like to start a clean slate for the new season, and how you can Marie Kondo your life! 

1. Tidy your surroundings

Before I get into the nitty gritty of spring cleaning, I like to do a quick tidy of my environment. This can something as simple as picking up clothes off of my bedroom floor and putting them on the bed or picking up any garbage. This helps to get the ball rolling and prepare your space for a deep clean.

2. Declutter

As Marie Kondo says, only keep things that spark joy. I like to take this time to go through all of my belongings and do a declutter of the things that no longer spark joy for me. This can be things such as clothing, makeup, or food. I also like to do a digital declutter and  backup and reset my phone and laptop, or delete apps I don’t need.

3. Deep clean

Now that I have eliminated the things that don’t spark joy, I like to do a deep clean of everything. This means my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, everything! I find when my living space is cluttered and messy, so is my mindset! There is nothing more refreshing than just taking a few hours on a Sunday and making sure everything is spotless.

4. Get your life together!

After my environment has been cleaned, I like to do a deep clean with my life. This can be getting out your planner and organize the upcoming weeks, and making to-do lists of anything you need to get done. Organizing your life and writing it out helps me visualize what needs to get done and eases my stress levels.

5. Reset your mind + soul

I like to finish off my spring cleaning by taking some time to myself to relax and clear my headspace. I make a whole event out of it and do the works. Lighting candles, putting on essential oils, face mask, nails, bubble bath - you know the drill. Take this time to reward yourself for all of your hard work and symbolize pressing the reset button on your life and a new you.

Hopefully, you got some tips and inspiration on how you can Marie Kondo your life, and how to make the most out of spring cleaning! I find the new season a great way to represent new beginnings, and feeling refreshed.