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How to Look Athletic Without Actually Being Athletic

Now some of us may actually be athletic and love the feeling of working out and the post-sweat glow. Some of us (like this collegiette), however, would rather walk to the fridge, the mall or the couch, rather than to the gym. This lack of athletic motivation doesn’t stop us anti-gym ladies in wanting to look like we just drank a green juice, ate a kale salad and finished an intense Pilates session.

So, here’s how you can get that athletic vibe, without breaking a sweat.

Step 1: Buy something with the Nike Swoosh, the Adidas logo or the Lulu Omega
These signs just scream: “I work out”. Can’t afford the heavy price tag? Just draw them on any pair of skinny sweats or the flattering baggy tee.

Step 2: Pull out those leggings and sweats
This step comes quite easy. See those pair of Lulus or sweats you may have been wearing at one point this week? Just keep those on! Not only can we stay comfy and warm, but paired with the other steps in this list, they can also help you brand yourself as an active chic. Try to stick to the tight leg sweatpants to exude the vibe that you just came off the soccer field.

Step 3: All black, with a splash of neon helps
Black is a common colour seen in the gym and most of the complementing colours are bright shades of green and pink. So, as to not look out of place among the real athletes, it is best to blend in with this fit camouflage.

Step 4: The “I’m not Wearing Makeup” Makeup
Now you can skip this step if you just don’t care to put on any makeup, it also goes with the look. If you are feeling like a little extra prep, a touch of mascara, tinted moisturizer, some blush and highlighter (for the glow) will do just enough to show you just did a hard cardio session, but still look great.

Step 5: Top it off with the classic baseball cap or slouchy beanie.
The final step in this active transformation is to either toss your hair up in a messy pony or to throw on a Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap. The hat option lets you deal with a bad hair day without much effort.

See, looking athletic can be easy and can be without the gym or a set of weights. However, at the end of the day, going to the gym, for a run, to a yoga session or just a walk to and from school is good for your health and your mindset. Getting up and doing something probably takes less time than attempting to look athletic. You can exercise while looking cute and taking care of your body.

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