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How do you unintentionally attract bad luck into your life

Growing up, we learned that life has its ups and downs. Sometimes, we have good days and other times we have bad ones. Slowly, we have learned to accept the bad days and understand that tomorrow is a new day. However, have you ever noticed a pattern of bad days? Were there too many bad incidents happening at the same time in your life? Do bad things keep happening one after the other and you can’t understand why? 

The answer to all of these questions is BAD LUCK! I hate to break it to you, but YES, there is something called “bad luck.” Bad luck is a manifestation of a high amount of negative energy surrounding a person or inside of a person. When bad things happen one after the other, it means that there is a pattern of negativity. 

I think that it would be more helpful to share with you some things that you do that attract bad luck into your life, rather than just giving you advice on how to attract good luck. More often than not, negative energy is stronger than the positive and it is our responsibility to try and eliminate it from our lives. 

There are six things if you do, bad luck will follow you everywhere:

  1. Having the subconscious belief that life is hard, and it is full of bad people, will attract bad luck. This belief creates an imbalance in your subconscious mind, and it indicates a patten of negative thinking. It is possible that you have been programmed to think that way in your childhood. To change that, you should start to appreciate and recognize the beautiful things in life and accept that life is a mix of both good and bad. 
  2. Letting your circumstances and emotions control you. For example, if you have a bad experience, you will feel sad, angry or disappointed and you will let these emotions affect your decisions. To change that, try to take control of yourself. Firstly, you shouldn’t take any bad incident or experience personally. Secondly, try to look at yourself from the outside while you are experiencing these emotions. This will help you to detach from your emotions and it will help you make more rational decisions.
  3. Focusing on the bad things and exaggerating the impact of those negative situations and problems. The more you exaggerate the problem, the more negative your thoughts will become and the more anxious you will feel. To change that, you should try to redirect your thoughts from trying to understand the “how” and “why” of these problems to “what can I do to change or solve this issue”.
  4. Being a bad person and constantly hurting the people around you mentally, emotionally, or physically. For example, bullying other people, giving bad comments on other people’s behaviours or physical appearance, etc. The more hurt you cause; the worse luck will follow you. In fact, this ties into the idea of karma. For this reason, try to be a better person. Some examples include helping others in need, being kind, giving compliments when possible, thanking others and being empathetic.
  5. Suppressing your emotions and avoiding expressing them. The more you supress your negative emotions, the more likely that you will attract negative experiences to your life. Always express what you are feeling whether it is sadness, anger, guilt, shame or disappointment. Releasing these negative emotions will help you emotionally recover. It will also help you let go of these bad experiences and be more welcoming for new positive experiences and opportunities.
  6. Living your life following the wrong way, meaning doing things the wrong way or living an immoral lifestyle. For example, not following the rules, making immoral decisions, trying to find shortcuts to success and participating in illegal activities. These things might give you happiness and satisfaction in the short run, but it will attract an overwhelmingly high amount of negative energy in the long run. 

By avoiding all these six things, you will be able to eliminate negative energy from your life and break the pattern of bad luck. It will also allow you to attract positive energies instead. The result of this shift in energy will take some time to take effect so you have to be patient and mindful.


Shams Abed

U Ottawa '22

Just someone who finds joy in everything
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