Host the Best Halloween Party Ever

Halloween is one of the best [ unofficial ] holidays of the year! Everyone gets to dress up, go out and have fun with their friends. Wouldn’t it be great to host your own halloween party? Not only can you show off your new place, you won’t have to leave and face the cold outside! 


Halloween is all about vision. So what’s a halloween party without decorations? To make your party stand out from the rest, stick to a theme! Zombies, creepy graveyard, favourite slasher film characters, etc. The ideas are endless! To keep within your budget, check out the local dollar stores for decorations. You will be surprised by how much you can get for just ten dollars.

Food and Drinks 


Your guests may be hungry when they arrive, so be sure to have some snacks and drinks ready! When on a tight budget, make your event B.Y.O.B, especially if you’re allowing alcohol. Pick up some simple fruit punch for a drink. It has that deep red colour to it, like blood. A simple snack for any halloween party is of course, candy! Pick up a few boxes and lay them out in bowls all over your place. If you’re like me, and want to go above and beyond, make some baked goods! Pillsbury has halloween themed cookies that are super easy to make. If you want something to go with the cookies, you can bake cupcakes with awesome decorations! Just search “halloween cupcakes” on Pinterest and get baking!


Every party needs some ground rules. Whether you’re living alone or not, be sure to go over the rules before the big day. For example, how much of your space will your guests be allowed to explore? I suggest having your bedroom doors locked, unless you like to sleep in post-hook up bed sheets. To keep guests out of certain spaces (bedroom, kitchen), pick up some “caution” yellow tape from the dollar store. Not only will it go with the halloween decor, it will also do its job:  Keeping guests out! Another rule to remember is to notify your neighbours that you are hosting a party. They are less likely to call the cops on you for noise complaints! 


Every party needs music! Before your party, create a playlist, so you are ready for the big day. A playlist including today’s top 40 and halloween favourites (Thriller, Ghostbusters), will do the trick! Just be sure to have enough for the whole night! And speaking of music, store your speakers/music device is in a safe place, to prevent them from being damaged or stolen. You wouldn't want someone accidentally spilling their punch all over your laptop.

Halloween is a great time to show off your new place and prove to your friends (and yourself) that you can throw a party! If you follow these tips, your party will run smoothly and nothing will get trashed. And now that you know how to host an amazing halloween party, figure out what you’re going to be dressed as! 

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