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Hey Holly: A Worried Big Sister

My 20 year old sister just got engaged, and she is getting married next year. I am excited for her. However, I believe that she is making a huge mistake. She has only been dating him for a couple months, and I believe that she is rushing into this big life decision. I have nothing against her fiancé, but I believe she should wait a couple years to tie the knot. How can I let her know my feelings without ruining our relationship ?

A worried big sister


Dear a worried big wister,

If you worry this rush is going to affect your sister’s relationship in the future, maybe you should bite the bullet and talk to her about it. There’s no harm in voicing your opinion, especially because your concern comes from how much you care about her. If you choose to bring it up, make sure you emphasize how much you love her and care about her well-being but also ask her what the rush is for an instant wedding. Make it clear that she doesn’t have to choose between you and her fiancé, as well. I mean, you’re going to be her sister no matter what, right?

Hope it all goes well!




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