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Hey Holly: So I Met This Guy Through Tinder…

Hey Holly,

I met this guy through Tinder and we’ve gone out a few times but we’ve mostly gotten to know each other through texts. We’re both pretty busy with school and it’s tough to find time to actually get together in person. I think I’m starting to develop feelings for him but I don’t know if I’m falling for the person who I know just through texts and not from actually spending any face-to-face time together. 

Is this a recipe for disaster?


From what I’m hearing, it’s not a great sign if even early on you two can’t seem to find time to get to know each other. This is supposed to be the fun, romantic honeymoon stage of a relationship, and it’s pretty telling that neither of you are all that interested in seeing each other in person.

Perhaps try talking to him about seeing each other, or even speaking over the phone once a week. Hearing someone’s voice, and being with them in real time can make or break the start of a relationship, and since you two appear to live in the same city, I would advise you to try your hardest to maybe suggest a brunch or coffee to get in a bit more face time.

On the other hand, if you find that he is not finding time to see you, or ever suggesting a meeting, it may be a good time to call it. People find time for people they want to see. 



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