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Hey Holly: “I’m 19 Trapped Inside an 11-Year Old’s Body”

Hey Holly!

I’m 19 trapped inside an 11-year old’s body. I form crushes so easily and all the time on people I barely know. It could just be one small conversation with someone and soon enough, I find myself thinking about them all the time, with butterflies in my stomach. I know that a lot of girls went through this back in middle school, when they just started having crushes, but I never used to be like this until recently. It’s driving me crazy! Is this normal? And when will it stop?


Hey there!

First, can I just say that I am a 20-year old stuck in a 7-year old’s body? I still watch Spongebob and I am almost certain that the Treehouse theme song will be what I walk down the aisle to (so catchy). But, I can surely tell you that regardless of age, what we experience in this journey called life, is not experienced alone. I am the exact same way as you and yes, it is normal. Normal itself is a weird word. What is normal to one person could be abnormal to another. We should stop questioning if it is normal and start questioning if it helps us. You mentioned that it is driving you crazy and I know that feeling. What I do to help is try and mentally tell myself that not every good conversation equates to someone being my future Jay Z. I believe the solution is firstly mental and then emotional. The most important thing to note is that you are not, and never will be, alone in the things you are experiencing. The next important thing to note, and realize, is that mentally, you need to start deciphering between good conversations, and a conversation you would have with your future Brad Pitt. Meaning, do not necessarily approach every conversation in the hopes of meeting your one and only. Try and mentally tell yourself that it was just a conversation. Do not put so much pressure in every day talk. What is meant to happen will happen naturally. You will one day meet someone deserving of those butterflies! 




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