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Hey Holly: Dating with Little Experience

Hey Holly,

I’ve never been in a relationship before or even gone on more than one date with a guy. I think I’m in the beginning stages of a potential relationship (we have a second date planned). I feel like everyone’s already been dating and been in multiple relationships for years and I’m terrified because of my lack of experience with dating. Any advice?


Dear Anonymous,

First of all, congratulations on roaming outside of your comfort zone and being willing to go on that second date with that guy! That’s really the first step and you’re honestly already halfway there to answering your question yourself. I know how scared you must be because of the unfamiliarity of the whole dating scene, but the best way for you to figure it all out is to actually go in full throttle. My advice is to wear your favourite top and jeans, put on a confident face, and try your best to just have fun and absorb all the experience you can on this second date of yours.

As for what everyone else is doing, please don’t worry about how much experience anyone else has. It’s all about you and how you’re able to create your own memories. If you happen to lack the experience that you feel everyone else has, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover what you are comfortable with and what you find fun and pleasurable concerning dating. That being said, I wish you the very best on your second date and that your experience is a good one. However, something to keep in mind is that even when dates go poorly, it’s an experience that you can learn from. Either way, you’ll always be getting closer to your goal of finding someone you love and are comfortable with. So date, date, and date some more!



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