Her Campus uOttawa Halloween Costume Looks

Happy Halloween! Check out some of the costume looks at Her Campus uOttawa:

Hermione Granger (Gabrielle McLaren)
"This Hermione Granger costume was easy to make and very affordable. I forked out a few dollars for a dark grey skirt at Value Village and threw a grey sweater on over a white blouse.  I bummed a red tie off of a friend and picked up a wand and time turner from my fan girl stash!  My hair is up in a half ponytail since Hermione's face is always clear, and I finished it up with some black toms.  This is the closest to being a Hogwarts student I'll ever get, but it's so fun and comfy that I'm okay with it!" - Gabrielle 

Furby (Alita Fabiano)
Alita is taking us back with this awesome 90's throwback homemade Furby costume.

Batman and Batgirl (Carinna Moyes)
"I'm batman, shhh." - Carinna 

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Sources: 1, Photos provided by Gabrielle, Alita and Carinna.