HC National Survival Kits: Inception Edition

Every time HC National sends us goodies, it’s like Christmas; the excitement is beyond belief. Though we received a plethora of cool swag, like HC sticky notes, key chains and reusable tote bag, here was our absolute favourite!
When we opened the box, we found this adorable pink cardboard box from Origami Owl that read, “Today…happiness has found you”. Oh boy, did it ever. 
Inside that box, Origami Owl sent us a smaller, tiffany blue take out box that read, “You tell stories with words. We tell stories with jewelry”. We’re not sure what it is with the mini versions of things that just so adorable, but we loved this!
Inside, there’s this green silk three-sided box.
And when we squeezed the corners...
...here’s what we found! SO CUTE! 
Here’s a look at some of the other fun swag we got! 
Thanks HC xoxo <3