HC Finals Survival Kit

Wow! HC uOttawa really needs to thanks HC National for the awesome Finals Survival Kit we received this past week! Getting through finals is hard enough, but thankfully some of these products will help make the process a little bit easier.

So, let's take a look at what we found in our Finals Survival Kit:

Cold-Eeze Quick Melts: These cold remedy quickmelts will help shorten your cold and promote immune health. Check them out on facebook


Bayer's The Timeline Project: This cute book of art and inspiring stories provides a great procrastination method! Tell them on twitter how cool they are with #TheTimelineProject. 


TREsemmé: Luscious hair is a must during exams. Thanks TREsemmé for the samples! Check them out on twitter


CamelBak: You need to stay hydrated during exams and thanks to Camelbak we received a pretty awesome water bottle! 


Cosabella: I know, you have no time to do laundry during exams. So instead you just go buy new underwear. Thanks to Cosabella, you don't have to do that pesky laundry! 


Thanks again to all the amazing HC sponsors for sending us an unreal Finals Survival Kit! 




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