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As someone who sits at the higher end of the midsize range (which is typically considered to be sizes 10-18) I sometimes find it difficult to find clothes that fit my body type. However, in the past two years I've started to discover brands and stores that allow me to find cute and trendy clothes that fit me.

I'm a size 16-18, and I know how hard it can be to find clothes that fit well and make me feel confident. Below are some of my favourite places to shop, as well as some images of my favourite outfits from these places that make me feel confident despite my insecurities. This is my guide to midsize shopping in Canada.


[bf_image id="gmfwtx8v8vnhht3frs3mjjz"] Reitmans basic black tank in size 18 paired with Reitmans midi length skirt in size 18

I know what you might be thinking — Reitmans? But just trust me. I never used to shop there either, until I was hired to work there in 2019. While I don't work at Reitmans anymore, it's still my favourite place to buy new clothes. Reitmans has a bad rap for being a place that "old ladies" shop, but, while I will admit that a lot of the company’s clientele is middle-aged to older women, its clothes are made for everyone. Not only does Reitmans go up to size 3X in all of its styles, but it also offers styles in petite and tall sizing (meaning that hems are shorter or longer to accommodate those with shorter torsos or longer legs). Its clothes are very consistent in sizing; if you buy one style in size L or XL, every style will fit in the same size.

Reitmans is very business casual, so if you need a pair of dress pants or a blazer, this is the place to go. However, it also has a wide variety of trendy tops and dresses, as well as a workout line. My favourite pieces from Reitmans are my basics. I have dozens of T-shirts, tanks, and cardigans from Reitmans that I can dress up or dress down. Reitmans is also my favourite place to shop in the summer for flowy skirts and dresses in fun colours and patterns. On top of that, it sells a wide variety of styles and colours of jeans, and in the summer, it offers jean shorts as well!

[bf_image id="h87hqvx83pmcb7cr9r3zcs3n"]

A basic tank from Old Navy in size XL paired with Reitmans medium wash ripped jean shorts in size 32

If I had to choose one place to shop at for the rest of my life it'd definitely be Reitmans. I highly encourage you to take a look at its website and check out its cute and affordable clothes in extended sizes.


[bf_image id="4wrnvjwqvm3qbhffrhb7vvm"]

H&M flowy tank in size XL paired with Reitmans midi length skirt in size 18

H&M is an iconic brand. While I constantly find cute pieces and basics there, I find that it still isn’t as size-inclusive as some other stores. When I search its website by size, I find that it only provides me with maternity clothes, assuming that because I'm a size 16-18 I must be pregnant. While it hurts to sort through my size on the website, I will admit that I do have a few pieces from H&M that I wear religiously all summer. Size XL fits me at H&M, although I find at times that it is still too small for me. So, if you are a midsize girl, it's give-and-take with H&M; you might find a piece you love in size L or XL, but there's no guarantee that another piece will fit in the same size.

American Eagle/Aerie

American Eagle is my go-to place for pants. My favourite pair of pants (that I wear to work nearly every day) is from American Eagle, not to mention many of my jeans. Recently, I've begun to branch away from Reitmans and buy more of my clothes from American Eagle and Aerie. I have found that their pant sizing is rather inclusive, but I still don't fully trust these brands when it comes to tops. My favourite new piece from Aerie is its tie shoulder shortall. It comes in three different colours and can be paired with any cute T-shirt or tank underneath.

Old Navy

[bf_image id="p434gs7pbrsjt9685cwp24"] Old Navy sweater size XL paired with Old Navy grey ripped Rockstar jeans in size 18

Old Navy is a Canadian staple for shoppers of any size. The brand’s Rockstar jeans are iconic (…and I probably own one too many pairs). My favourite pieces to buy from Old Navy are cardigans, summer dresses, and sweaters. No matter what season it is or what I’m wearing, I always feel comfy in my Old Navy clothes. I think that many people are asleep on this brand, thinking that they are too good for it. However, Old Navy manages to carry clothes in a wide variety of sizes while still staying trendy and affordable. (Plus: Old Navy has rocked the reusable mask game this year).

Joe Fresh

[bf_image id="2kmr58nsrcgzs44r5m4kbgj"]

Joe Fresh dress in size XL paired with Old Navy cardigan in size XL

Joe Fresh usually isn't my go-to when it comes to buying new clothes, but I also can't stop myself from browsing anytime I go into Loblaws. It always carries some cute basics; plus, it has a plus-size line! Most of my Joe Fresh wardrobe consists of t-shirts and cardigans, but my absolute favourite thing from Joe Fresh is a bathing suit! It usually carries a few styles of bathing suit throughout the spring and summer, and I managed to get my hands on two bikini tops and a pair of bottoms. Both were basic, but cute. I normally would avoid a two-piece suit, but these high waisted bottoms and full coverage tops allowed me to feel more confident in my body, and I rocked a two piece all summer.

There are definitely more places out there that have options for midsize and plus-size girls, but these are a few of my favourite places that I feel like many people don't bother with. It's important to remember that a lot of fashion companies don't make clothes for people who are considered midsize or plus-size, and you shouldn't feel discouraged when something doesn't fit right. All bodies are perfect, and it doesn't matter what size is on the label as long as you are comfortable in your body.

Maddie is a fourth year student at the University of Ottawa majoring in History. She is a major fan of Friends, and The Office and is a geek for all things history. Maddie loves food, relaxing, and her cat.
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