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Great Ideas for Fall Dates

I love Fall, the change in foliage, the switch to awesome hot beverages like apple cider, and the chance to wear my leather jacket! It’s an awesome time of year, and there are so many awesome activities to take in around Ottawa this time of year!

But today I want to challenge the traditional dating-advise article, and give you a list filled with ways, not only to treat your man, but to treat your awesome ladies too! Besides, everyone has earned some kind of post-midterm break. Oh and you know #DefyTheConventional.

Girls’ Road Trip

Grab your car (or make a deal with a friend who has a car), make 90’s/guilty pleasure playlist, grab some awesome friends, and hit the road on this day trip outside of Ottawa. Ottawa is actually home to several Wineries and Vineyards!

If that’s not quite your thing, maybe adventure Gatineau Park. Pack a picnic, and hike the hills to discover some amazing foliage. It’s a prime location to take some pictures for your Instagram; or you know, Facebook padding to show you aren’t a full-blown alcoholic.

Couple’s Photoshoot

This might be something you’ve been considering for a while, if your Facebook looks anything like mine right now. It is for a good reason! The gorgeous fall color hues make for a dramatic backdrop for some stunning pictures of you and your significant other. They would be gorgeous to hang around your apartment, really add some art and flair, other then your High School Musical poster (we agree, Zac Efron IS still hot).

Nothing really makes your social network classy like professional photos, and they are great reminders of your loved one. Get in touch with the Photography Club of uOttawa, and you might be able to strike a deal on a session. BONUS: guess who loves pictures? Parents and grandparents; a nice framed photo or a small album would make for a great Christmas present.

Food and Netflix

The cool fall weather can make a person want to curl up and stay home. What makes a night in a great success? Great company and food of course! Gather your friends at your apartment to binge watch some TV; or better yet with Halloween around the corner, it is a great time to watch some horror movies. No subscription to Netflix or not really into a movie night? Maybe try hosting a board game/game night, it will allow for more conversation and is a fun way for people to get to know each other. Ask each of your friends to bring a potluck item that is fall themed and dazzle them with your homemade Alcoholic Pumpkin Spice Lattes and amazing apple flavored wing recipe.

Farmer’s Market Date

They said the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… Sit down with your guy and pick a hardy Fall meal to make together. Cooking together can be a great couples activity and a great time to hang out together. Just watch out anytime someone is holding a knife!

The next day, travel to the Farmer’s Market , and try to find all the ingredients. Get up early! There are lots to see at a Farmer’s Market, including art, music and not just great food to snack on. You might want to stay there for lunch. The fresh produce not only will improve the flavour of your delicious creation, but will also help support the local hardworking people of Ottawa.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. There are plenty of things to do and see in Ottawa such as museums, art galleries, fantastic restaurants and many events! Check out sites like: NAC, the City of Ottawa Spotlight Page and the Tourism Ottawa’s page for events coming to Ottawa. Highlights includes (but not limited to): The Importance of Being Ernest (NAC) and a Haunted Village.  Have a wonderful and warm Fall!!


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