Glitter Roots? Kids These Days Are Just Great

I’m only 21 and Instagram beauty trends just make me feel old. No, I’m serious - teenagers these days are SO creative when it comes to fashion and beauty, it blows my mind! And I just used the phrase “kids these days” like some kind of old geezer, so you know I’m not kidding. From every type of eyebrow trend imaginable to ombré colour combinations fit for fantastic creatures, Instagram is full of cool stuff.

My favourite Instagram trend lately, though, has been glitter roots - you’ve probably seen it somewhere on your feed. If not, it’s basically girls (and some super cool dudes, too) dumping glitter on the top of their heads to hide grown out roots with more than a bit of sparkle.

So, how can you get this look? There are a few pretty easy ways to do it.

One way is to mix your own glitter hair gel! If you’re going to be rocking the glitter roots on a regular basis, this is probably your best bet. Basically, just dump a bottle of craft glitter into a partly used tub of hair gel and mix - instant glitter whenever you want it!

If you don’t want to rock this look every day - it is a little intense - all you have to do it comb gel through your roots and pat the glitter on to your heart’s content! For a more subtle look, spray your roots with a strong hold hairspray, wait a few seconds, and sprinkle a light layer of fine glitter where you sprayed. Comb your hair from roots to ends, and you’re ready to go!

A few quick tips - gold glitter looks the best in most natural hair colours, since your natural hair is probably warm toned. Also, there is the issue with silver glitter kind of looking a bit like dandruff… and nobody wants that! For super colourful or pastel hair, go with a glitter that matches your locks! But hey, let’s be real - you’re putting glitter in your hair, so there aren’t any real rules here.

Have you ever tried glitter roots? Let us know how it went - or if you’d rock them - on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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