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Giving The Love Back – To You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

We’ve all been there, facing the inevitable heart break. Whether we got broken up with, lost a friend, or lost a family member; we’ve all been through it. It can sometimes really suck, be a relief or just hurt beyond words. 

After the start of quarantine, I decided that 2020 would be my self-care year. This meant just taking care of my physical health, mental health and emotional health. I spent more time talking to my friends, hanging out with my family, and finding more positive people on social media that radiated the best kind of love. 

That’s how I found the Rejected Hearts Club (RHC). It was just happenstance that on Instagram I was scrolling and saw that someone that I followed also followed RHC on the IG platform. So, my curious little self clicked on the profile, and I’ve been enamoured ever since. 

The Rejected Hearts Club is a space for people to go and just be their most true selves. People who are suffering from any form of heartache can hang out on RHC page and interact with the posts, support one another and all around just feel the love. 

Rejected Heart Club Earring Pouch
Original photo by Isabella Toric

What is RHC’s story? 

Their story starts with the creator, Jamie Batiste, who started her business after her own painful breakup. Using jewelry making as a creative outlet to find love once more, RHC was born. The story of the three hearts is now one of the most important parts of what made RHC the Rejected Hearts Club. This was a place where heartbroken wanderers could find themselves and their love once again. 

“I turned a breakup to a business and regained my independence. We have all had plenty of struggles; it’s how you come out of it that matters the most. I create jewelry for Men and Women that transform into stand-out pieces that commands attention and confidence. Always remember to love yourself no matter what or who hurts you.”                                                                                                                                                                     

~Jamie Batiste

Find the documentary of Jamie’s story HERE

What are the Three Hearts? 

The heart you gave away. The heart that was rejected. The heart RHC gives back to you! 

My Favourite Piece!

After finding myself on RHC website, scrolling through all the gorgeous pieces, I found myself absolutely drawn to the Con Amour Dangle Earrings! The gold earrings with little hearts were just a perfect piece of jewelry to add to my collection. There was just something magical that called to me when I saw them. 

Con Amour Dangle Earrings
Original photo by Isabella Toric
This classic piece can be worn with any kind of outfit, from blue jeans to evening dresses, the Con Amour Dangle Earrings work with everything! 

Con Amour Dangle Earrings

RHC Earrings
Original photo by Isabella Toric
Find all you RHC jewelry HERE!

To follow the RHC story, check them out HERE!

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