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It’s holiday season, which means you must curate the perfect gift for your bestie! By now you should know what their likes and dislikes are, maybe even certain essential items that they are missing in their lives. So here is a little inspiration to kick start your holiday shopping for the ideal gift!

Obviously there is the popular gift amongst best friends, of matching items! Don’t you and your best friend want to have adorable matching slippers or onesies? I certainly would! You can make it more meaningful by getting a gift that means a lot to you both think hard and be creative!  

Maybe you have a friend who is utterly head over heels for tea, well that’s a given. Get them some tea and accessories for the holidays! Pick out their favourite teas and get them a couple of tins. A fun teapot with matching cups is the ultimate reason to share the tea love. Or get them a travel mug with a built in tea steeper, so that they can take their tea to go!


Do you have a friend who spends a lot of time in the kitchen? Well, they will be in for quite the treat! Take a peek around their kitchen and look for things they might need, any old or out-dated items? Maybe all they need is a set of matching utensils or a cool new gadget.

Perhaps, you have a friend who is very tech savvy. In this case, you can keep an eye on things they might require or desire. A lot of my friends have phone batteries that consistently die. You can definitely get them a battery case or external battery when they have no plugs nearby!

A comfy night in? Well your bestie will need some a cozy blanket, a bottle of wine and maybe their favourite movie or TV series! Get them this sweet gift if they really revel in their time at home!

Last but not least, the DIY gift that means the most! You spend so much time figuring out what to make, and then take time and effort into actually putting it together. Your best friend is very lucky to have you in this case. Gets your brain cranking because this isn’t a last minute kind of thing!

Regardless of what you end up actually getting your best friend. They will cherish that you thought of them. Spending time together and chatting like you haven’t seen each other in ages is one of my favourite aspects of a friendship! So enjoy the holidays, reunions and friendships.

Happy Holiday shopping!

xoxo Olivia

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