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Get Glam, Grant Wishes with Cirque D’Illusion

Be prepared readers as I have some exciting news to tell you about an upcoming event hosted by Algonquin students called Cirque D’illusion! I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the organizers, Sara Lalani, and hear about this spectacle event hitting up the Algonquin campus on March 10th!

HC: Tell us a bit about yourself in terms of involvement in this upcoming event.

So the reason my teammates and I are organizing and hosting this event is because we are under the Event Marketing program at Algonquin and one of our main projects of the course is to host an event to get hands on action about the types of jobs/positions we will be facing in the future.

HC: What is Cirque D’Illusion?

To sum it up, Cirque D’Illusion is a ladies spa night with cirque inspired entertainment.

HC: Why did this event decide to support the Children’s Wish Foundation?

Our school’s Event Management Program has pledged to raise $1 million dollars for the Children’s Wish foundation therefore the majority of events that take place on campus are in order to raise money for this pledge and meet the goal. As of the summer of 2013 we have raised $750,000, so we are on our way to meeting our objective! This has been an ongoing pledge since 2007!

HC: Is it an event just for Algonquin students or is it open to the public?

The event is open for any women whom are students and non-students. Our target audience is students our age, professionals and businesswomen. We also encourage female staff at our school to come out to our event and get the night off while pampering themselves.

HC: What can guests expect the night of the event?

Expect mini spa services, some food, entertainment, Chris Pilsworth a high magician, acro- dancers and jugglers!

HC: Where did the idea derive from to have a pampering night for ladies?

We heard it has been successful in the past. Personally, salons are everything, so the idea for a ladies night of pampering sounded fun and an exciting challenge, which my team was willing to take on. We have masseuses who will be there whom are students from our school’s programs. We also have a ton of faculty and school support which eases the stress on putting together an event like this. 

HC: What sort of preparation went into organizing this event? How big of a team do you have in order to help out in the event?

October of 2014 was the beginning of brainstorming; our team of girls didn’t know each other at first, but through a brainstorming activity done in class we were grouped together. We were paired based on our ideas we had for events. We work as a team, wanting to achieve all the same goals. Getting sponsorship was a big thing, our decor, confirming who our MC is, amongst venue booking, promo, marketing, etc.

HC: Do we need to bring extra money with us to the event?

Yes, there are a lot of things to participate in at the event at a small fee such as getting henna tattoos or a massage. There will be a silent auction so if guests want to win some things there will be some amazing gifts to give away at the silent auction, such as the signed book “The Fault In Our Stars”, 2 golf memberships, a Westin package deal, gift cards to selected stores, a Lord Elgin package deal, a gift basket from Hair Junky, amongst many other things!

HC: How much are you aiming to raise during this event?

We are looking to raise roughly $6,000 from this event.

HC: Where can interested guests find more information about the event or buy tickets?

Currently there are tickets being sold online, or you can buy them in person at Algonquin. We have contact information on our website and you can follow us on Instagram or Twitter for more updates!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cirquedillusion

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CirqueDillusion

Website: http://cirquedillusion.wix.com/cirquedillusion

Instagram: https://instagram.com/cirquedillusion/

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