Fighting with Piers Morgan Over the Internet

For those of you who don't know, Piers Morgan is a British man, and he is famous...or something. He took to Twitter to shame Susan Sarandon for her cleavage at the SAG Awards 2016 during which she also introduced the In Memoriam. He took to twitter to call it "tacky" and "disrespectful", and has since not shut up about it. Considering it was an award show, and celebrities rarely change their outfits in order to present a memorial at an award show, this whole issue seems fairly ludicrous. His argument, however, was not exactly what I take issue with. I don't really have a statement on if it was proper or not, nor do I think it's my business. She paid tribute to her dear friend David Bowie, and all of this is extremely disrespectful. This is the last thing she needs. To her credit, she took to twitter to post a funny response: 

It would be one thing if he had just tweeted his opinion once; I do not think that men are not allowed to have opinions, contrary to popular belief within my twitter replies, but he appears to think that this is his next big break, and has since still not stopped tweeting mean and degrading things towards Susan and feminists alike. In response to someone on twitter asking him to stop treating women as objects, and sexualizing them, he said "but that's exactly what Ms Sarandon wanted". Yeah, women become objects as soon as you see any of their boobs. Cool. And he claims he's not sexist. He also shared over twitter, several times, that he is of the belief that he is only being targeted currently for his statements due to "feminist hypocrisy".

In response, I tweeted: 

To which he said: 

According to him, me calling him a dick for his actions is the same as him shaming her for her clothing choices repeatedly. Okay, Piers your previous argument was that you were not in fact insulting Ms. Sarandon, but now you're saying that me calling you a dick is the same thing? By this logic, you are insulting her. Or calling you a dick simply isn't the same thing. Pick one, you can't have both you bumbling buffoon.

Not sure why he took such an issue with being called a "dick" when a quick Google search revealed pages and pages of him calling other men a dick. Names such as: Larry King, and Bill O'Reily. Is it only okay when you say it Piers?  

Since basic logic dictates that insulting someone once based on their actions, and shaming someone several times based on her clothing is much different, I replied:

Yeah, I used the wrong "than", I had just woken up, and wasn't expecting a twitter feud this morning. Sue me. 

He was super classy and promptly responded: 

Not even going to touch that one, but let's go into some of the Twitter responses I have received since: 

I would say that's different, and you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. 

Ah, yes. I always bully people that I respect over the internet for daring to have breasts. 

The level of discourse on the internet is atrocious. For daring to state a single opinion, I now have to deal with hundreds of mostly men, telling me that they will come to my mother's funeral naked, or that I'm just being overemotional, or that I should show my breasts. Don't tell me this would have happened in the same way to a man, and don't tell me that Piers isn't clearly a sexist who is trolling everyone about this Susan thing to get attention. It's annoying to have my opinions dismissed or made fun of because of my gender, or seeing feminist as an insult. No one responded to what I was actually saying with any level of reflection or logic, and while I love the internet. I really hate the internet sometimes. 


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