Fashion Rules Made to be Broken

If you're anything like me, then you feel that rules are more of a guideline. When I was younger I loved breaking the rules and it was no exception when it came to fashion. I strongly believe getting dressed is all about expressing yourself and your personality, so who is anyone to tell you what you can and cannot wear? In honor of that belief, I have rounded up the top fashion rules I believe are outdated and should be broken IMMEDIATELY. 

No White After Labor Day

An article on outdated fashion rules really wouldn't be complete without this rule. Perhaps one of the oldest rules in the game, it also means it's one rule that needs to be broken the most. While white is beautiful in the summer, I'm a huge fan of how it makes a tan look darker ;). White in winter can make a stunning statement as well. A white coat against the winter snow is a breathtaking sight and I suggest everyone try this combo at least once in their life.

Don't Mix Your Metals

My mother is a huuge fan of this rule and has no qualms about calling me on it when I choose to mix my silver and gold gems. While this may be frowned upon, I personally love the look of mixing gold, silver and rose gold. In my opinion, all three together is beautiful- I'm especially a sucker for a solid gold and rose gold combo. Next time you're accessorizing, try mixing your metals by stacking your rings, necklaces or bracelets. Stacking not for you? Try mixing a gold necklace with silver bracelet to start.

No Sequins Before 5PM

Sequins have gained a party rep over the years, but you should feel free to wear your favourite sequins in the daylight- in fact, it's encouraged. Tone done the wild vibe of sequins by pairing them with a sweater, graphic tee or your favourite skinnies. If you're looking to make a statement with your favourite party dress, throwing on a cardigan and pairing the ensemble with sneakers or oxfords is a great way to create a daytime appropriate look.

Save the Sheer for the Bedroom

In the last couple years, sheer has made a huge debut onto the fashion scene. The idea that the see-through material is better kept behind closed doors is an outdated one. Sheer threads are extremely versatile and have the ability to make any outfit feminine or edgy. Layering your top over a bandeau or cami makes for an easy daytime appropriate look while switching out the bottom layer for a classic nighttime ensemble will never put you on a "fashion don'ts" list.   

Leave the Backpacks in the Hallways

Backpack lovers rejoice! The stylish and functional bags are back with a vengeance. Introduce a leather backpack into your wardrobe and you'll never have to worry about juggling your bag, phone, wallet and Starbs again. Not only are these bags the ultimate choice for any cool girl on the go, but the recent surge in popularity means you have unlimited options available at your fingertips. From Michael Kors to Tory Burch, all the best designers are hopping on the trend.

Remember that fashion is about expressing yourself and loving your body! Have fun with your outfits collegiates, you're all gorgeous. If you break any of the rules, be sure to let us know by tagging us on Twitter or Instagram!

XO, Kristen

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