Fashion Horoscopes: Fall Edition

Aquarius: I know, I know, florals are super spring-ish. But darken the colour palette and thicken the fabric, and you’ve got the perfect fall print!

Pisces: Release your inner drama queen with a soft, cozy cape! Perfect for cold November mornings, and for swishing around pretending to be a Russian queen on the way to class.

Aries: Velvet is basically the best feeling fabric ever, not to mention it’s super cozy - which makes it perfect for fall! Try it with rich jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, and eggplant purple for some major oomph.

Taurus: Who said skinny jeans were forever? Flared jeans started popping up in a big way this summer, but fall is the true time to add some extra volume around the ankles - think of it as a bubble that will keep the warmth around your feet around when you step outside.

Gemini: Tie it all together this fall with a secretary style blouse that has the added bonus of an extra layer of warmth around your neck - basically a built in, no matching necessary scarf.

Cancer: Vests may be sort of a weird concept (were they originally designed for people with freakishly cold torsos or…?) but they are definitely in this season - try a slouchy style over a chunky sweater for a cute layered look!

Leo: Whoever said mixing plaids was a fashion no-no was clearly misguided. This fall, try layering different shades of neutral plaids for a chic, textured look!

Virgo: Fall fashion is the place to play with texture, so why not ruffles? Somewhat deliciously over the top and yet still sweet and romantic, just like you!

Libra: Looking for a way to hide second-day roots that isn’t a ponytail or a bun? Throw on a cute beret - you’ll look totally chic, not to mention it’ll keep you super warm.

Scorpio: When you’re thinking fall boots, think high. Like, they could be mistaken for pants kind of high. Sexy and practical (high and dry, anyone?), in case of fall thunderstorms!

Sagittarius: Who says grey is only for rainy days? Try an all grey ensemble for a classy, put together look this fall.

Capricorn: If pattern mixing is your thing, why not dive straight off the deep end into patch work? A full poncho might be a bit too bag lady, so try it out on a scarf or a sweater to dip your toe in.


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