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Fantastic Succulents and Where to Find Them

When it comes to succulents and plants in general, I take pride in my diverse collection. To be completely honest, nothing satisfies a windowsill better than having a bunch of colorful plants shown off to the world. Even though you may come across some posts on Instagram that show the perfect pink succulent that you never knew existed before, odds are that you don’t really know where you can find them around Ottawa. In this case, you’re in luck! I’d recommend maybe taking this article seriously, as I’m a black belt in succulent-finding. 

1. Grocery Stores
Probably not the first place you would think to find these babies, but Loblaws actually does a pretty good job with keeping its plant section up to stock. Sometimes, they’ll have really nice assortments of succulents and some nice pots of aloe. Although the one on Rideau Street isn’t always replenished every week, they will eventually restock if out. When they do, you actually have a really nice variety to choose from. Other places like Metro, Farm Boy, and Sobeys also have succulents. For the best chance of success, check out a Loblaws Superstore. 

2. Online
You’d be surprised at the different areas online you could find succulents. They can be shipped to your door due to their hardy nature and ability to withstand drought; so they would definitely be able to last a week or so dried out in a cardboard box. I’ve ordered from Succuterra and have loved the results. 

3. Landsdowne Farmer’s Market
There’s a super cute kiosk that sells succulents at an incredible price. I got the five plants below for only $30 and they’re healthy as heck. It’s also nice to buy from local vendors, as well, to support local business. The farmer’s market is open on Sundays from 9AM – 3PM, so you should definitely pay them a visit before the warm weeks come to an end. 

4. Stores with a Garden Center
I remember during the summer, I went to Rona to get a few household items and came across their garden center. When I walked in, I was blown away by the variety of succulents, cacti, and tropical plants they had. You would also be able to find a similar effect at a Home Depot or Lowe’s, as well. 

5. Local Floral Shops
I can’t name them off my head, but by simply walking through centretown or the byward market you can easily scout out a shop that sells plants. However, something I’ve noticed is that these places are usually expensive. Regardless, it’s nice to have some variety as all shops rarely carry the same species and variations.

There you have it! Hopefully this article will help you find succulents before they become less common in the winter months. Maybe someday your apartment will even turn into a jungle like mine. Happy hunting (and gathering)!

    All photos provided by Jesse Lesniowski

    Jesse Lesniowski, a 22 year-old student at uOttawa in the Environmental Science program. Loves writing, gardening, coffee, wine and making new memories.
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