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Fall Trends for the Lazy Fashionista

Fall is here, which for me is great news; pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere, the air is crisp and clean, and best of all the stores are full of trendy fall fashion pieces.

Now, I can’t be the only lazy fashionista out there. Sometimes we don’t want to take all the time and effort it takes to look presentable. Since sweatpants are definitely not an option I’ll let you in on some of my favourite ways to indulge my laziness and still look good in the fall.

1. Let’s be honest, no one wakes up super excited to shave his or her legs. Shaving is a tedious chore we must all endure but sometimes it’s simply not worth the effort.

So, instead of walking around looking like Bigfoot, throw on a pair of knee high boots or tights and voila you’re good to go.

2. Having a bad hair day? Is your hair looking frizzy, greasy, or you’re too lazy to style it?

The good news is we’re officially in hat season. So you can pull out your beanies, fedoras, berets, and simply cover it up. This is a strategy I employ all autumn and winter.

3. Ever feeling too lazy to even put an outfit together or wear clothing? I have it on good authority that trench coats were made for this exact reason.

Just wear over pjs or nothing for an instantly sexy and trendy outfit! This is my favourite look for those late night food runs. Trust me, no one will be the wiser ;)

4. After a rough night out you may wake up feeling super bloated and just not up to putting on a whole face of makeup.

Fall is all about the chunky blanket scarf. Just wrap it around your neck, keep on wrapping until you’re all covered up. Now you’re warm and super fashionable.

5. The perfect lazy outfit is just jeans and a t-shirt, which can be slightly underwhelming.

So, a quick fix is a blazer or jacket that can be the statement piece to just elevate the whole outfit. If you’re feeling inspired stack on some jewellery or add on a scarf for that extra statement.  


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Hi there! I am Bolu Erinoso, currently a 4th year Communications student obsessed with all things media, fashion, and beauty related. I love to read, write and recently started a personal style website at www.whimsicalsoles.com with my fellow HerCampus writer Nancy.
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