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Fall Season – The Food Season

Who doesn’t love fall? Cool weather, warm sweaters, riding boots and colorful leaves. Not only does it have the ultimate food holiday (gotta love Thanksgiving!!), but it also provides some of the most flavourful food. Can you say “yum”? Here are few of our favorites here at HCuOttawa:

Pecans are a favourite for all the nut lovers out there. There are a variety of flavours and coatings for everyone to enjoy. Pecans are especially good warm and covered in cinnamon sugar, putting you in that happy fall mood.

Cider Donuts
Warm sugar, fluffy donuts…could there be anything better? Cider donuts are not only a great breakfast food, but are also a great post-apple picking treat. Pair with a glass of apple cider or a coffee and you’ll be in fall bliss.

Any Food on the Thanksgiving Table
A holiday dedicated entirely to food. Just let that sink in for a second. Turkey might be a classic table food, but don’t forget the pumpkin pie, apple pie, stuffing, green beans and cranberry sauce! Nothing says happiness quite like a post-Thanksgiving turkey coma.

Pillsbury Cookies
I love the comfort of being able to throw premade cookies into the oven and have them come out in 10 minutes or less. The Pillsbury sugar cookies with the shapes on them (Halloween ghosts, pumpkins and bats) are simple and delicious. Pair them with a glass of milk, making for an easy and yummy snack at night.

A timeless fall tradition is going apple picking. Not only is it a lot of fun, but you also get the tastiest apples! Even if you can’t go apple picking, supermarkets carry the best apples during fall. Whether you eat them fresh or bake them into a dessert, they’re the best during the fall!

Besides the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte, there are so many delicious pumpkin flavoured foods. Whether it’s pumpkin spice oreos or a pumpkin scone, these days you can have your favourite food pumpkin-flavored!

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