Express Adds to Bayshore's Evolving Fashion Family

Looking for professional clothing at affordable prices? Searching for casual and comfy outfits which look put-together? Well, look no further because the Express line has arrived at Ottawa’s Bayshore Shopping Centre.

Long gone are the Lauras and the Jacobs as go-tos for professional but chic clothing. So many new stores have popped up which boast a new kind of chic. And, Express is no stranger here.

A store that originated in Watertower, Chicago in the ‘80’s, it appeals to the mass market of young female and male customers. With a wide variety of clothing to fit all different types of styles, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for here.  

The inside of the store is quite sleek and modern. The design layout boasts mirrored panels and lots of white and chrome-tone walls. The dim lighting also adds to the general atmosphere of the store and display a high-fashion theme that runs consistently throughout. Located right across from H&M, this design contrast immediately invites a professional and organized setting.

Her Campus U Ottawa had a chance to catch up with Express district manager, David Price Nakagawa, to chat about what makes Express so appealing to fashionistas of all ages.

HC: What makes Express so appealing to customers?DPN: I think it’s the fact that our prices are so affordable to consumers. Even with the currency exchange between Canada and the United States, we still refused to increase our prices when we chose to locate to Ottawa.

HC: How does Express manufacture their designs in order to keep up with the trends?DPN: We have our own main design studio in New York and we find out what’s trending and present it to our customers

HC: So, in terms of students, what aspect of your brand appeals to the average student who isn’t financially secure due to loans and textbook fees but still desires to look trendy and modern?DPN: We are constantly offering special deals via text message email and our prices are very affordable and appealing. As well, as part of our opening, we are also hosting a 40% off deal so lots of people should come and check out what we have to offer.

As Ottawa’s trendy fashion market expands, the need to emerge from the typical is getting larger and larger. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find clothing that is unique to one’s own personal taste and Express offers a solution to this dilemma. They offer limited edition clothing, such as their popular men’s dress shirt. However, their limited edition item features colourful, polka-dotted designs in the breast pocket. Although this is a small detail, it still helps the store ground itself amongst the fashion market here in Ottawa.

“We’re looking forward to being in Ottawa for the long haul. We love the brand, we love the product and we’re looking forward to becoming the go-to fashion destination”, says Price Nagakawa. I’d say they’re definitely paving their way through our emerging fashion culture.

As well, we also managed to catch the manager of the store, Marcos Gutierrez, for a quick chat. A tall man with broad shoulders, he explained his struggle to find well-fitting clothing that lasts.

“The fit is there, the quality in the clothing is there and we give you space to do your own thing with your style. But, we’re always around for your assistance,” he says. Knowing that you would be investing in your purchases at this store is relevant in order to maximize your shopping experience.

Giving us space to do our own thing? Sounds like the perfect store for the determined, relaxed shoppers of Ottawa.  Whether you’re in the mood for classy and elegant or you’re looking to maximize your professional wardrobe, this fashion girl promises you won’t be disappointed here at Express!

If you’re interested in seeing more photos from the Express store opening on April 17th, check out Tina Picard’s (Brill Communications) full album on Flickr.


Photos courtesy of Brill Communications