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Emmys Red Carpet Looks: Slay or Nay?


Emmys season has come and gone for 2019, and now that we’ve had the chance to digest some of the looks, it’s time to take a look at who slayed the red carpet and who simply missed the mark.




Zendaya in Custom Vera Wang

Zendaya is channelling her inner seductress with this Poison Ivy inspired look.  With this 2019 Emmys look, I wouldn’t mind being poisoned by her look. 


Emilia Clarke in Valentino Haute Couture

Not surprisingly, Emilia kills the purple carpet once again with this gorgeous look. She is showing just the right amount of skin, and she looks HOT! She styled her hair perfectly to compliment this gorgeous look.


Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

She definitely didn’t take a big risk with this look, but Michelle gets points for choosing the perfect jewel toned dress to compliment her complexion.


Emanuela Postacchini in Antonio Grimaldi

This look is the perfect combination of modern, fun and subtle. Being adventurous with the cut and style of the dress, while keeping the look all white allows her allows her to have fun with her dress without being overpowered by the look. She slayed this look because I found that I kept looking back at her face, rather than getting lost in an overwhelming dress.


Mandy Moore in custom Brandon Maxwell

Mandy is giving me some killer old school Hollywood vibes with this look. The airy sleeves, the side slit and the loose curls are a huge hit with me! She completely killed this look!


Lonnie Chavis

This little cutie gets a slay from me with his fun pop of colour!


Kristin Cavallari in Nicole + Felicia Couture

I’m loving the little bit of leg popping out of her skirt. Not to mention, this colour makes her look like a tan goddess!


Missed the Mark


Gwendoline Christie in Gucci

This Roman empress look, although creative, seems more like something that should be seen at the MET versus the Emmys.


Carice van Houten in Ronald van der Kemp Couture

While this look takes a stab at some abstract work, it just leaves me with confusion. Is she wearing a child’s artwork? A piece of the American flag? I’m definitely missing the appeal of this look, but I do like the pops of colour.


Sarah Silverman

While this look is cute, it seems like it would be more appropriate walking down the halls of a high school. Her look, in my opinion, is just a little too casual for the purple carpet. Still fun, just too casual!


Janet Mock in Valentino Haute Couture

Something about this look just brings me back to Grade 9 science when we learned how to make elephant mousse. This dress looks like a science experiment gone wrong and is not as flattering as some of her other looks. Janet took a risk with this dress, and I’ll give her credit where credit is due. I definitely preferred her look from the Oscars last year!


Amy Adams in Fendi Couture

I’m a little disappointed by this look. I usually love her looks, but this dress reminds me of a house coat with the collar, sleeves and draping skirt. I prefer her other looks, and can’t wait to see what she wears next!


James Van Der Beek

Points for stepping out of the classic black and white tux, but this look just missed the mark. Not quite sure what he was thinking with these colours and textures, but it was too much for me. If he had a white button up underneath his jacket to separate the colours a little bit, I feel like this look would’ve looked much better.


Whether these celebrities slayed their looks, or missed the mark, all of them deserve major credit and respect for being confident in whatever they were wearing! Confidence is key in rocking all the looks we saw this Emmys season!


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