Dear Mom, You Were Right

Dear Mom,

As a first-year university student, I started to learn many new things as my time away from home grew longer and longer. I had to become more independent and learn how to fend for myself when it came to making meals, waking up on time, and getting my laundry done.

Luckily you and dad understood that eventually I was to become an independent human, and you prepared me with as many life hacks as you guys could think of so that I would be ready for the real world.

And I’m writing this to tell you that apparently all the life lessons and hacks that you drilled into my head for the last eighteen years do occasionally come in handy.

These life hacks saved my butt a few times and should be shared for the future!

  • Mixing my whites with colours to finish laundry quicker does not result in pearly whites coming out of the dryer. Yes mom, you were definitely right, mixing loads is definitely not a good idea.

  • Chicken, does not defrost in thirty minutes after being pulled out of the freezer. Yes mom, you were right, I should have pulled it out of the freezer the morning of to have it for dinner.

  • Binging five hours of comedy specials on Netflix will not help me get my essay done on time. Yes mom, you were right, watching comedy shows won’t help me become funnier, or finish my essay.

  • The boy who’s been talking to me over snapchat, (not?) surprisingly is talking to other girls too. Yes mom, you were right, he’s probably not my soulmate.

  • Setting only one alarm before my morning class is not a good idea when you’re a heavy sleeper. Yes, mom you were right, I should have set at least three alarms.

  • Mixing wine, beer and coolers does not result in a good morning after. Yes mom, you were right, I should have stuck to one type of drink the entire night.

  • Going straight to bed after of night of drinking will make you feel it in the morning. Yes mom, you were right, I should have had a glass of water and Aleve before bed.

  • Wearing only a sweater in negative degree weather will not keep me warm in Ottawa. Yes mom, you were right, wearing layers in the cold weather never hurt anyone.

  • Not having a schedule during midterm and finals season can lead to some panic. Yes mom, you were right, I should have made a game plan to tackle studying for exams.

  • Just because you’re a few hours away from home, doesn’t mean you’re alone. Yes mom, you were right, facetiming everyday will make you feel like you are never alone.

  • Sometimes you will have to deal with situations you don’t want to, but you do. Yes mom, you were right, everything is a learning experience.

  • My heart is going to get hurt and it’s going to feel like it’s never going to stop hurting. Yes mom, you were right, it’s going to hurt but it’s not the end of the world.

  • Life isn’t always fair, and that’s okay. Yes mom, you were definitely right, working hard will get you to where you want to go.

Bonus (European?) Hacks:

  • Making your bed every morning always gets you off to a good start.
  • Never leave both the driver and passenger windows open while driving, don’t want to catch the draft.

Pamet u glavu (a Croatian saying, every kid learns at the beginning of our lives that translates to: Use your head, be smart, always watch what you’re doing)

Marry rich, life’s expensive (just kidding, just get rich yourself :P)

So, I suppose I am saying what every mom wants to hear. You were right mom, as crazy as these life tricks may have sounded when I was younger, they have been more helpful than any other tools I could have been given to go off to university. And for that I thank all the moms who have given me tips to surviving the real world.



Your enlightened and grateful daughter