David Bowie's Life in Pictures

The first time I fell in love with David Bowie was when I was around twelve years old. My mother put on one of her favourite movies, Labyrinth and I can still remember the chills I got from watching it. I specifically remember the creepy creatures in the movie, but even more so, David Bowie’s character and his infamous song, “Magic Dance”. It was everything I remember it being: hip, cool, fun. I even came across a vintage album of the “Magic Dance” and listened to it on repeat all night long. And that's when my love for Bowie grew. I had to have all his music, the movies he starred in (even if just a few), and I remember feeling inspired and happy. He was a happy and talented man. His music not only inspired many, but I think it also saved many people along the way, as well. 

I’m incredibly saddened that his demise came all too early this week. He will be forever loved and missed. Here’s to you Ziggy. I know you’ve finally found Mars <3

Here is David Bowie in all of his fame and glory:


David Bowie as Davy Jones in 1965

David Bowie plays an acoustic Espana 12-string guitar in London


David Bowie at his home in 1971

Bowie and Cher being fabulous together in '75

Ziggy Stardust


David Bowie being his fabulous self

David Bowie staring into your soul <3

David Bowie melting everyone's heart with his million dollar smile 

David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly dancing fabulously in Labyrinth


David Bowie being David Bowie

Bowie and wife, Iman

When Bowie had an exhibition showcasing his lifes' work

David Bowie just being a hero

Bowie graciously staring into our souls ...and Bowie's final salute

"I, I will be kingAnd you, you will be queenThough nothing will drive them awayWe can beat them, just for one dayWe can be Heroes, just for one day"

- David Bowie, "Heroes"

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