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The Daisie App: A Glimpse into the Mind of Art Professionals

The art industry has a way of drawing all people in, some way or another. But no matter how much research we put into the art production process, it’s still a very exclusive world, known only by professionals. Be it fine arts, movies, or fashion, Daisie app aspires to be an open door to the world of art by connecting us with professional artists and helping us learn more about their craft.

Founded by entrepreneur Dom Santry and actress Maisie Williams, the app is a multi-media networking platform meant to help artists and creators get a kick start in their careers. If you are searching for helping hands for a dream project of yours, or you want to be part of an ongoing one, this is the right place to start connecting with other creators.

But for those that are simply looking to learn more, they also have some really interesting resources available.

The app has a blog where they share success stories, or know-hows for different areas. You can find relevant articles like “Freelancing During a Pandemic,” or “Women in Creative Industries.”

Alyssa Bonchick

If you’re looking to learn directly from the artists, Daisie workshops are a must. In the past, they’ve held zoom workshops about topics like “Building a Fashion Editorial,” “Making Photoshoots from Home,” and even “How to Become an Impactful Poet.” All of these are directed by experienced artists who’ve had their breakthrough in their respective areas.

Working from home has given us all some extra time to think about our interests. If mastering a specific art form is one of them, now is the time to start learning how it has worked out for others and how you could start crafting for yourself. 

Take it from an art student – Daisie has all the accessible resources to get that inspiration flowing. 

Ligia Garcia

U Ottawa '23

Ligia is a Communication student at Uottawa and an active contributing writer at the school's chapter. She loves everything related to media, from following the latest TikTok trend to breaking down a movie's characters and themes.
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