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Caught Sleeping at uOttawa

If you’re part of the online University of Ottawa student community then you’ve probably come across a page recently, titled “Caught Sleeping at UOttawa.” The page was launched in September of this year and was inspired by “Caught Sleeping at McGill” and it’s mission is “to catch all of the heavy eye’d students at the University of Ottawa.” In doing so, the Facebook page has managed to grow quickly since being created, gaining a sheer 4,500 likes after not even a month of being online.

The gist of the page is pretty simple, if you see someone sleeping on campus, you snap a picture of him or her, send it in, and one of the creators of the page will post it, most likely with a witty caption. I myself like the page on Facebook and feel inclined to like almost every single time they post. We can all agree that we’re sleep-deprived university students that will take any opportunity given to us to catch some more shuteye; some of us decide to do so publically but again, no judgment here, we’re all tired, we get it.  Here are some of my personal favourite posts:



I really hate to get all mushy, but it reminds me why I love going to school here. You can feel like such a small part of this large campus, but with pages like this one it evokes a warm sense of belonging and union among the students sharing posts and liking the photos. I sound so geeky when I say that I love looking at some of the photos and being excited about knowing exactly where it was taken, like knowing where a scene was shot in a movie, but way less cool.

It’s a great page to scroll through when you’re procrastinating for your midterms, finals, papers, essays, assignments, laundry, groceries, calling your Mom back, and in general, a solid page to reassure you you’re not the only one not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It connects the student body in a humorous way that no other page has accomplished quite as well because it’s so relatable. I guarantee you’ll feel like a basic bitch when you’re thinking “I literally can’t, that’s so me! ” in your head while looking through the photos; unless you’re legitimately on the page, in which case that really is you, #CampusCeleb?

I think it’s important to remember that if you do end up on this page, it’s all meant in harmless fun. It’s like their Facebook page says: “All is fair in love and war.”  Definitely check out the page here:

Happy snoozing, collegiettes! 

All photos from facebook page

I transferred to uOttawa in September of 2013 from the beautiful University of British Columbia. But don't let that introduction fool you, I'm from Nova Scotia.  I like dresses, I like the Toronto Raptors, I like Christmas, I like bread, I like online shopping, I like Mindy Kaling and I like penguins.
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