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The Cats Have It – Montreal Opens First Cat Café

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

The war between canines and cats seems to be over now that the first ever North American Cat Café has opened in Montreal. 

Café Chat l’heureux literally translated to “coffee cat happy”, which is exactly what it’s intended to be. The café is planning to open its doors to the public at the beginning of summer 2014 in Montreal’s plateau.

But, why cats?

“Cats are soothing and relaxing animals to humans,” founder Clément Marty said. His goal is to open up a place where cats are considered royalty and pure homage is paid to the adorable animals. By opening up a cat café, patrons would have the opportunity to purely relax while consuming caffeine and visiting with those animals that bring utter joy and peace. Considering how cats love to laze around, their presence will cause people to feel more welcome and at home.

This idea of cat cafés has been lingering around Asia for quite a while. As a concept that has existed in Taiwan for many years,  it’s about time something like this was brought to North America. By bringing these cafés to Canada, it helps raise awareness of the treatment of animals. Cat lovers are welcome to enjoy regular coffee shop delights like pastries and caffeinated hot drinks just with the added bonus of being in an animal-friendly atmosphere.

Marty also claims that his café would be a great substitute for families living in apartment buildings or condos. Seeing as how most apartment buildings do not allow pets, families can enjoy the comfort of having a pet in a nurturing environment!

The cats will come from different shelters and veterinary clinics in Montreal. Marty calls it “purr therapy”, claiming that a cat’s purr elicits calming effects on stress and anxiety.

“There would be, of course, impeccable hygiene conditions and regulations to be followed for the welfare of the cats”

There is also a “cat café”  in Sudbury, called “Small Things”, but it’s more a place to hang out with adoptable cats. There really is nothing like it here in Ottawa, so I say we pitch one up! We have tons of shawarma places in Ottawa, so how about something a little more original? After all, those fuzzy furballs are way too adorable to resist!

For more information, please visit Café Chat l’heureux website at www.cafechatlheureux.com and don’t forget to like them on Facebook!

Photos: Café Chat l’heureux – cat café Montréal Facebook Page.