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Capital Catwalk Campus Celebrity: Julianne Buchholz

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Capital Catwalk is quickly approaching and we had the chance to interview Julianne Buchholz, the designer behind, Julianne. Take a look at her answers and make sure to grab your Capital Catwalk tickets here for the chance to see her designs on stage!

Name of Brand: Julianne
Designer: Julianne Buchholz
City of operation: Ottawa

HC: Can you give us a brief description of your brand?
J: I design women’s haute couture inspired ready-to-wear clothing. My designs emphasize on experimental techniques such as fabric manipulation, textile printing, and using eclectic materials and objects to create collection cohesion. My clothing is an open canvas to explore various art forms.

HC: Where do you draw your inspiration?
J: I draw inspirations primarily from the natural world. My vision currently includes techniques from lapidary, taxidermy, and entomology. Beyond these concepts, I have an extensive pool of knowledge of ancient fashions, such as Egypt and Rome. 

HC: What have been your favourite and least favourite tends of 2015?
J: In 2015, I enjoyed the multifaceted schemes of the Iridescent. I noted many new textile trends emerging, examples included chromaflair leathers, oil slicked patterns, holographic plastics, and prismatic chiffons. The current and potential use of these fabrics is a very exciting trend I am keeping an eye on. On the contrary, some degenerative trends have unfortunately been re-established. The re-emergence of denim overalls, specifically light washed!

HC: Why did you decide to join Capital Catwalk?
J: My participation in Capital Catwalk is intended to capitalize on the large audience it reaches. As a young designer I am frantically searching for exciting venues born of my love of fashion. My goal is to establish my fashion presence with a wider audience to increase future sales of my brand.

HC: What do you love most about being a fashion designer?
J: As a fashion designer, I love the process from start to finish. The art itself is rather esoteric beyond simple sewing, where garments can appear borderline natural. My mother always viewed sewing as a necessary skill and enrolled me in sewing classes at age seven. This began the evolution of my abilities within fashion, ultimately leading myself to the decision to become a fashion designer.

HC: If you could choose any fashion icon from past or present to represent your brand, who would it be and why?
J: My favorite fashion Icon is Iris Van Herpen, in my opinion she is the leading lady in the fashion industry. She is always pushing design boundaries and techniques, one of the first to print 3D clothing. She constantly makes me question “what is fashion?” Her collaborative presence with many industry professionals creates extreme and unique fashion, which I hope to match and surpass in my future. I would be honored to one day be recognized by her fashion house.

HC: Where can people buy your designs?
J: Customers can contact me directly using email, Facebook, and Instagram. Currently I am in the process of identifying myself as a designer and continuing my craft until I am prepared to create ready-to-wear lines.

You can contact Julianne by email at julianne@metwally.org.


Sources: pictures provided by designer

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