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Campus Cutie: Brenda Lam ’17

Name: Brenda Lam

Year of Graduation: 2017

Program: Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing with French Immersion)

Relationship Status: Taken

How would you describe yourself in three words? Little bubbly Asian

What is your biggest turn off? Attention seekers

What are your hobbies? Travelling, dancing, playing the guitar, and surrounding myself with the best of the best

Which Hollywood star would be your ideal partner?/Celebrity Crush? Andrew Garfield

What is your dream job? Getting paid to travel the world and blog about my experiences, or joining the marketing team for the Olympics.

What country would you like to visit? Switzerland


An environmental enthusiast with a passion for travel, organics and individual style! Blog - inspiringolivia.wordpress.com Instagram @inspiringolivia Twitter - inspiringolivia
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