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Campus Celebrity: Mode XLusive Blogger, Chantal Sarkisian

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

We are so excited to announce that one of this year’s co hosts for our 4th annual charity fashion show, Capital Catwalk, is none other than Mode XLusive blogger, Chantal Sarkisian! With Capital Catwalk just around the corner, we wanted to sit down with Chantal to learn more about this uOttawa alum and blogger extraordinaire! 


Her Campus: You mentioned that you studied BioChem at uOttawa and now you’re working in Marketing and Communications. Tell us what lead you to this career path and why you decided to start a curvy style blog. 
Chantal Sarkisian: Isn’t it obvious? (laughs). After my Science degree, I did a Business Admin Certificate at Telfer. I was working as a manager for a medical clinic and really found my passion for entrepreneurship. Med school? Not so much. From there I honed my skills in Marketing, Communication and eventually Social Media, on my own time. You know, back in the day before you got credits for studying it! I started blogging about 5 years ago, which was a natural progression for testing out all social media platforms. My blogs evolved with what resonated in my life.
The themes went from artistic journal, to Ottawa happenings, then a mommy blog when I was on maternity leave. Most recently I started a beauty blog and now I blog about Fashion; curvy fashion! I have always been a bigger girl, and people have always complimented me on my style. Starting a blog was a no brainer, a place for me to share all my styling secrets. I had lots of experience blogging and had already built a great network to promote myself. My blog allows me to combine all my obsessions; social media, beauty, fashion, clothes, purses, shoes, entrepreneurship and photography. It’s truly my happy place.

HC: What’s your favourite aspect of fashion and style? 
CS: I love learning about the history of fashion, the art in fashion and learning about the influences behind design. Style is something that I am still and always discovering. I’m trying to balance being trendy and being myself. I love being different, original and unpredictable. That’s my style. I am also a fashion chameleon; I like to dress according to my mood and my surrounding. You’ll also rarely see me in the same outfit twice… I have too many clothes to let that happen!

HC: Where are your favourite places to shop in Ottawa? Do you have any tips for collegiettes looking to get a fab new wardrobe without breaking the bank? 
CS: I absolutely love consignment shopping! It’s a nice way to recycle clothes, be original and save cash. The Clothes Secret, AMH Style, and Shop Alfred are part of my repertoire. If you want to indulge a little more, you can Treat Yo Self to some of my favourite local boutiques including Vincent, Fashion United and Viens Avec Moi. I usually look out for sales or shop the sale rack if my budget is tight.

HC: What are your top three styling tips for girls trying to accentuate their curves?  
CS: My “auto-pilot” wants to say belts, but that’s not necessarily on trend right now. I think a solid crop top with a full skirt is a very feminine and a bold way to show off your shape, and the smaller part of your waist. It depends on your focus really. I always say play up on what you like about yourself and try to minimize the attention to the parts you didn’t sign up for. If you have great legs, show them off with a short t-shirt dress or mini skirt with tights paired with pointed-toe booties. If your hips don’t lie, then let them talk! Maxi skirts, tight jeans or leggings with a turtleneck or cable knit sweater and your favourite white sneakers. I am really into using pieces that help me hide what I don’t want on display. I love vests and structured blazers for that reason. You can wear something fitted, but feel comfortable at the same time. Oversized scarves and shawl do the same thing and become a conversation piece.

HC: You’re one of our emcees at this year’s Capital Catwalk. Why did you decide to volunteer your time to this event?  
CS: I am really involved in the Ottawa community and fashion scene. I particularly love empowering young girls when it comes to body acceptance and being a uOttawa alumni… it all just made sense! I wish we had Her Campus when I was in school. I would have been all over it! (Scratch that, maybe it’s best that I wasn’t distracted while in school). How do you guys do it? Staying in school and surviving social media all at the same time? I am honoured to MC the Capital Catwalk event. I look forward to seeing everyone dress their best and announce some runway fashion!

HC: It’s time for our lightening round of “This or That!” Pick which one you prefer: 
Nutella or Bacon: BACON (with Nutella on it? #YUM).  
Puppies or Kittens: Puppies… I hate cats, cat people and cat videos! (please don’t hate me). 
Coffee or Tea: CAFÉ in the morning, tea at night. 
Summer or Winter: SUMMER (always). 
Nordstrom or The Bay: Nordstrom, for their pile of shoes, purses and the perfect beauty department!
One Direction or Justin Bieber: Biebs (#The6 is my hometown).

If you are looking to connect with Chantal, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and check out her blog, here


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Photos provided by Chantal Sarkisian. 

Zoe Crego

U Ottawa '17

Zoë held the position of President of Her Campus at uOttawa from 2015-2017 and was a Senior Chapter Advisor. She graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2017 and has pursued a career in the Canadian federal public service. She is very grateful to Her Campus for providing a creative outlet while studying and believes her experience with Her Campus helped her grow professionally and personally.