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Campus Celebrity: Jordan from the Love Machine

What would the world be without music? Seriously though. Music enlightens a dull moment, wakes you up in the morning, and gives you something to walk to! Or strut to.

For the Catwalk for the Cure show, Her Campus has the best music choice Ottawa has ever seen, The Love Machine! Her Campus U Ottawa was able to get an interview with one of the band members, Jordan. We asked him a few questions about the band and why he decided to perform at the show as our DJ!

HC: So what’s the name of your band and where did the name come from?

J: The band is called “The Love Machine” and the name came from the fact that we just have a lot of positive energy and love for what we do and we’re a machine of four song writers.

HC: What made you decide to join a band?

J: Growing up in Ottawa, there were always a lot of music festivals going on. Especially in the summer time. All the bands that would come into town were inspiring.

HC: What genre would you consider your band to be?

J: Indie, pop/rock.

HC: How long have you guys been together?

J: It’ll be 10 years in March!

HC: What was the biggest gig you guys ever got?

J: Two years ago we got to open for Sam Roberts at Blues Fest. There was a main stage and everything.

HC: What instruments can you play?

J: Well I mostly play bass guitar. I sing, I play a mad tambourine and I suppose DJ as well!

HC: What is your position in the band?

J: We usually switch around within our band but mostly I sing and play bass.

HC: What made you decide to play for our Fashion Show?

J: Well last year I was approached to do it and it was for a really good cause, there was good energy, and great feedback.

HC: Do you know anyone who is/was diagnosed with breast cancer?

J: Yeah I had people in my life who were affected by it.

HC: And were there any survivors?

J: Yeah, actually there was!

Whether you’re a regular gee gee, a model, or a musician, we can all agree that cancer sucks. To learn more about The Love Machine, visit their Facebook page and like them! Be sure to also check out LoveIsOnYourSide, a non-profit organziation Jordan is a part of. Their mission is to promote unique individuals and their qualities to achieve something positive, locally and globally, by bringing the best music, philanthropy, recipes and insite on the web.

The place to be on January 25th is Her Campus U Ottawa’s Fashion Show happening right here in Ottawa! With the money being raised going to such an amazing cause, how could you not attend?

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