Campus Celebrity: Bolu Erinoso

I am happy to have interviewed this Campus Celebrity this week. However, I am sad beacause it means that we're saying goodbye to one of our HC uOttawa writers that we all adore and love so so much!

Her Campus: What was your program?
Bolu Erinoso: Honours with a Specialization in Communications (co-op).

HC: Would you recommend your program and why?
BE: I think it’s a great program to really develop critical thinking skills especially relating to media, which was my focus. It also allows the flexibility to enter different fields like PR, journalism, or marketing; there’s no clear limit to communications. Also, getting into the co-op program is very important! Having experience helps to narrow down what you like or don’t like, and it really helps after graduating.

HC: Are you looking for job in your field? What would be your dream job?
BE: I got bridged in to a position at the CFIA through my co-op placement so I’m not currently looking for a job. I think my dream job would have to be related to marketing and branding or working with the United Nations. Something that will allow me to mix travel and work.

HC: What will you miss the most about uOttawa?
BE: I’ll miss my classes, friends, and the poutine at Bac à frites.

HC: Will you be pursuing a graduate diploma?
BE: Eventually, I might get an M.B.A.

HC: You were with HC uOttawa since last year? What was your position and what will you miss the most?
BE: I was a writer on the Fashion & Beauty team. I’m going to miss my team so much! Those girls are the best.

HC: What were you involved with on campus as an undergraduate student others than HC?
BE: I was part of the Sigma Beta Phi Sorority, volunteered for the Fulcrum and Zoom Productions a few times.

HC: Do you have any regrets from your undergraduate years? What would you change if you could?
BE: Not really, it was all part of the experience. And I’ve had a pretty good one.

HC: What advice would you give your undergraduate self?
BE: Study harder and go to more events.

HC: What is your short-term goal?
BE: I want to give 100% to my fashion and lifestyle blog called Whimsicalsoles especially now that I’ll be working full-time and not writing for Her Campus anymore, it will be my main creative outlet.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
BE: In 5 years, I see myself with my dream job or at least on the right path to getting my dream job. Living in a beautifully furnished condo maybe outside Canada, with my puppy Prada that won’t be so imaginary anymore.                                                                                                                                          

We'll miss having Bolu at Her Campus uOttawa. We wish her all the best in the future and hope she keeps rocking eveything she touches!


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