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Campus Celebrity: Because I Am A Girl uOttawa

Seventy percent of the world’s population are girls. Out of the billions of girls here, more than sixty-five million of those girls will be rejected the right of education. Plan Canada, established in 1937, is one of the world’s largest charities. They work to end global poverty amongst children no matter their religion or culture. 

Their program Because I Am A Girl does exactly that, but directly for girls. They raise awareness for girls every where who are denied an education. They educate the world what the benefits of having an educated girl can do for their community, and the world. Because I Am A Girl is so big and becoming a global superstar, that even uOttawa has its own chapter!

HerCampus had the chance to sit down with the co-founders who started the Because I Am A Girl uOttawa chapter; Sharn Gill and Chelsea Hill . We asked them a few questions about their organization and their event happening today!

HC: What is BIAAG? 

SG: BIAAG is a program through Plan Canada which raises money for developing countries. What our chapter does is exactly that. We raise money for girls in developing countries to go to school and get an education and we also raise money for girls within our community. 

HC: Tell me about your event happening this weekend, what is it exactly?

CH: Well our event happening this saturday, is Yogis 4 Change. It’s happening at the Downward Dog Studio, at 1:30pm, in the market. We’re asking for a minimum donation from each person of five dollars and the money will be put towards helping girls in our community.

HC: Why did you guys decide to do yoga?

SG: Well, we both personally enjoy yoga. We use to go to the free yoga classes by Lululemon and they kind of gave us the idea.

HC: So what made you guys decide to start BIAAG here at uOttawa?

CH: Well we both believe in equality for both genders y’know, and education is really important. We both enjoy giving back to the community as well so this was the perfect way to do it!

HC: What other events have you guys put together?

SG: Well, we were just established in October so we haven’t had too many events but we’re aiming to have an event each month.

HC: How many members do you guys have now?

CH: Right now we have eight active members and we’re about to do elections for some positions such as treasurer, secretary, etc.

HC: So given what you guys do, being pro-girl power, would you consider yourselves feminists?

CH: Yeah absolutely, we don’t believe in female supremacy of course but we believe in equality. Women and men should be equal in everything they do.

HC: What is your definition of a feminist?

SG: I think we both have the same definition for that. A feminist is someone who believes in equality for both sexes and helps raise awareness for women everywhere because unfortunately, they’re not equal everywhere. 

BIAAG is such a great organization and with the message being Girl Power, how could you not love them? Although they raise awareness for women, they haven’t forgotten about boys. BIAAG has an essay (that can be found on their site), that explains why having more educated women helps men around the world and in our community as well. 

The site allows you to donate money that will go towards a community in a developing country that is in need of more homes, food and a school where girls and boys can attend. You can sponsor a child as well and learn more about what Plan Canada does. If you’d like to get involved in this amazing organization, check out BIAAG uOttawa’s Facebook page.


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